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The Research On The Optional Location Of FDI For Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2005-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122490412Subject:International Trade
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Economic globalization is not only jointing more and more countries into the integral running of international economy, but also giving impact on and changing the development of each country deeply. With the aim of natural resources in optimal configuration globally, Foreign direct investment (FDI) has developed rapidly, thus stimulate the transnational transfer of each factor of production such as capital. Following international trade (transfer of goods, technology and service), international finance and stock investments have been the dominant international economic activities. The investigation on FDI has received more and more attention from international economic field. Scanning the present investigation of FDI abroad, we find that western scholars make study and analysis focusing on large transnational companies in developed countries, and based upon this, they build up their theoretic frame, which is stressing on international capitals transferring from developed countries to developing countries, one-way mode of direct investment from developed countries towards developing countries, and only monopolistic enterprises have advantages of direct investing to the outside. Meanwhile, this conclusion is suffering doubts from the recent decade due to the rapid development of developing countries' direct investment to the outside.This thesis takes the indifference curve and investment possibility curve as analyzing tools, ownership advantage and location advantage as analyzing factors to establish approaching model. On the base of the explanation of this approaching theory and the positive analysis it draws the conclusion that both FDI and location are the approaching process of investment possibility curve and capital-introduction possibility curve. Consequently, it expounds the processes and the ways of FDI and location from a new point of view. Furthermore, it probes into the mode and the way of FDI on the base of approaching theory so as to provide the constructive ideas for the globalization of Chinese enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:FDI, approaching theory, location pattern, investment possibility carve
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