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The Research On Community Participation In The Tourism Development Of Grape Valley In Turpan

Posted on:2005-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122494544Subject:Human Geography
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The development of tourism stimulates the economy growth in tourism region, in the course, some problems are brought about. In such underground, sustainable development in tourism is focused by researchers. They gradually attach importance to 'community participation' when they study on the sustainable development in tourism. The essence of 'community participation' is that community residents take part in the tourism development to make economy, society and environment harmonious and to make tourism development sustainable. The fact that the participation of community residents reduced negative influence brought in tourism is recognized by researchers. But in fact, the study on 'community participation' is not enough and the study is still elementary phase.The Grape valley in Turpan is demonstration study region in this paper. Based on some theories about the sustainable tourism development and community participation in tourism development, through visiting some residents and making questionnaire, we summarize the status quo of community participation in tourism in Grape valley. Then analyze the active and negative facts which affect the development of community participation in tourism. At last, some measures are put forward to promote the study on community participation in tourism.There are three parts in this paper. (1) Basic theory. In this part, the studywork in community participation in tourism development in international field is concluded, at the same time, we give some reasons to select the topic. Secondly, the relationship between community participation in tourism and sustainable tourism development is analyzed. The latter is theory base to the former, and the former is effective approach to the latter. Lastly, the study on community participation in tourism development is summarized in system and the actual meaning of community participation in tourism is expatiated. (2) Demonstration. Take Grape valley, a famous travel sites, as a sample. We apply the above theories to the study area. The part analyzes recently community residents' apperceive and attitudes to community participation in the local tourism development, concludes the participation status of local residents, explains the factors influencing residents' participation in local tourism, and brings forward some advice and measures to promote community participation in tourism. (3) Conclusion and Discussion. Based on the above study on theory and demonstration, the part summarizes the status quo of Grape Valley community participation in local tourism. And points some aspects the study needs to improve on.
Keywords/Search Tags:community participation, tourism development, the Grape valley
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