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The Regulation Of GATS To Electronic Commerce And Its Development

Posted on:2005-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122495178Subject:International Law
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Electronic commerce was included in the multilateral trade system at the first ministerial meeting of WTO. Meanwhile, it is one of the important negotiate topics in the new round negotiation of WTO. However, at present there is few effective research concerning the regulations and laws of electronic commerce in the various agreements of WTO, no matter where at home or abroad, which is a sharp contrast with the fact that electronic commerce has already become an important object of WTO's regulations. Since electronic commerce in a great sense belongs to GATS, thus it is quite meaningful to study how GATS regulates electronic commerce. The writer of this thesis therefore does a systematic research on how GATS regulates electronic commerce by employing positive methods.The thesis altogether consists of four parts. Part One is concerning about the classification and modes of electronic commerce in WTO. This part analyzes two of the most prevalent questions in electronic commerce: does GATT, GATS, or TRIPS apply to electronic commerce, or should WTO use a complete set of independent rule for it? If electronic commerce is classified to service, then which service mode is it?Part Two analyzes how GATS regulates electronic commerce. This part mainly does some research on the general duties and concrete promises of electronic commerce in GATS.Part Three deals with the regulatory weaknesses of electronic commerce in GATS and its solutions. This part, first of all, discusses the regulatory weaknesses of electronic commerce in GATS and their salutations. It then moves to how to construct the frame of electronic commerce 's agreements and provide readers several proposals to it.Part Four deals with the influence on China's electronic commerce and some solutions to it after China's being a member of WTO. The writer, in this part, according to the reality of China's electronic commerce, analyzes the influence on the development of China's electronic commerce after its entering WTO, and puts forward some concrete proposals to it to develop its electronic commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:WTO, GATS, electronic commerce, legal system
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