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The Review Of Orientation Of Government Function On The Condition Of The Market-orient Economy

Posted on:2005-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Government is a complex system. Its management is closed linked with the development of the society and economy as well as the life of people. Among all the managerial activities of the government, government function(GF) is the key, which reveals the basic direction and major content. Function is not monolithic. It must adjust itself to the development of social politics, economy and culture, as well as the deeping of reforms of political system and economic system. Otherwise, it cannot adapt itself to the external situation or the new demands requested by the society and citizens for the government management. Now, our country is confronted with all-round transformation of society and economy. On this condition, people command urgently that the government can provide good public products effective public service, which needs us to locate the GF again. So we select "the review of orientation of the government function on the condition of market-orient economy " as the research subject. The whole paper is divided into three parts:In part one, it talks about the theory of government function transformation(GFT). The purpose of writing is to make clear a train of thought for next part by expounding the basic theory.Marxism statements on the basic character of government, which is the theorical premise of transforming the GF. Marxism thinks that government is a part of state machinery and has the public and compulsory character. The compulsory character shows that government is linked with compulsory organization and whose management is on the base of power. The public character shows the public function of government. Theories and practices of capitalist nations' GFT. The transformation process of GF of capitalist nations is embodied in the changes of their leading roles: from the role of "night-watching keeper" of classical economists represented by Smith to that of "operator" of the government demanded by Kens to new classical economists' "helmsman". From the theory and practice of capitalist nations' GFT, we can see that GF is a dynamic concept essentially. In different steps of development of society and economy, GF is not same. Theories of GFT in our country. Before reform and open, people's view about GF can be generalized as "unlimited government theory", which advocates government's overall control towards macroeconomy and all-round penetration into microeconomy. After reform and open, our country's economic structure undergoes a series of reform. In the course of transformation from planned economy to marketed economy, "economy-building government" comes into being, which is a great improvement against the unlimited government, but it still don't coordinate with marketed economy. "service government" is the one coordinating with marketed economy.In part two, we analyze the present situation of GFT. We want to point out the orientation of GFT by analysis.The effect of GFT. First, the frame of resource distribution is formed which depends on the market regulation mainly while on the government's control subsidiary. Second, advance the reform property right in state-run enterprise actively, explore the way to divide the ownership with power of management. Third, the government's thought of respecting the social self-government right is strengthened. Forth, regulate the structure of organ and the relation of power. Finally, reform the ways, methods and means of management, the managerial degree of coming into the open, the democratic, the legal and the marketed is increasing. The questions of GFT. First, the interference of government to market is still much. Second, the management of government to state-run enterprises is still much and direct. Third, the social self-governing organizations develop slowly and their ability is inferior. Forth, government is used to manage social matters by administrative power and means. Last, the establishment of organization is not rational, the relation of function is not balanced.In part three, we probe into object of...
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