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The International Comparison Of Government Purchase And The Enlighten

Posted on:2005-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the negotiation of our country entering the WTO, the countries concerned have paid close attention to the field whether our country would sign" Government Purchase Agreement". We have promised to intend to participate in GPA. The accession to the WTO will accelerate the opening of our government purchase market .The system of government purchase in our country began in the 1980s, it developing quickly in recent years,but it is still immature compared with some country-and-regions' developed system . Legislation and management obviously lag behind, the quality of purchasing persons is not high, the social supervision is not enough, and etc. Time won't stop, in face of the coming challenge, we should study the mature systems of government purchase and fetch their quintessence for our use.The first part of this article has introduced the development course of the system of government purchase. The system of government purchase, which has more than 200 years old history, came from Britain. Around World War Ⅰ, influenced by economy and politics , the government purchase activity increased. After World War II, government purchase began to extend beyond one country's boundary, and the internationalized trend appeared. Accompanying this comes the fierce competition across the world. For protecting the development of native industries, the countries one by one build more trade barriers, which are harmful to the economic development, therefore, they reached" Government Purchase Agreement" eventually in 1978 through long-term hard negotiation. The government purchase of our country began in the eighties of the 20th century, developing rapidly in recent years, with the volume of purchase increasing quickly, the range expanding . " The law of government purchase of PRC" issued and implemented on January 1, 2003, Our country has entered the primary stage of the general government purchase formally .In the second part I research the systems of government purchase of several developed countries. It introduces the systems of government purchase of U.S.A., Britain and Singapore emphatically. The system of government purchase of U.S.A. has played a great role in the administration of U.S.A. and American economic development. It has a clear purchase goal, a strict purchase procedure, and legal guideline to run through in the course of purchase, which has guaranteed the harmony of the course . "Federal Government Purchase Rule" is the Basic Law of government purchase at all levels. To foster the small and medium-sized enterprises, it also embodies its macro adjustments. Some special regulations of the laws and regulations on the system of purchase of Britain are also useful for us. As Singapore is a city country, the course of its purchase is strict and flexible. It's useful for our government purchase of individual province or city.In the above research, the third part sums up the desirable aspects of the mature systems of government purchase. These mature systems of government purchase all have perfect operation sequences. They all take the saving of the financial fund as their goal; at the same time they also consider the realization of the social goal. They have the principles and procedure of the legal provisions, and adopt the method to call for bid mainly that is more favorable to open and fair competition. A purchase team with high quality can make the purchase finished with high quality and efficiency. Perfect relief procedure and the fostering policy for the small and medium-sized enterprises embody its macro adjustments. The perfect legal system has safeguarded for the harmony of governmentpurchase.The fourth part states the enlightenment of government purchase to us especially. Drawing international advanced experience, combining with the concrete conditions of our country, this article proposes we should take slope policy, with other relevant ones ,to perfect our system of government purchase. We can take the international current method, and adopt the tactics which are favorable to the economic dev...
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