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Applied Study For The Credit Rating System Of Bank

Posted on:2005-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122971789Subject:Business Administration
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Our country has already become one of the members state of World Trade Organization, the timetable opening to the outside world of the domestic banking has already entered countdown. In order to tackle the challenge of the international financial market, we must set up valid credit rating system as soon as possible inside our country's bank.This paper discussion the danger caused since emerging in credit, development, economics meaning and credit of summing up credit and analyzed the credit rating system of the bank and current situation, then Put forward " the basic framework of credit rating inside the bank "and regard customer's cash flow of the borrowed money as the credit rating lever to confirm the view of customer's credit rank of the borrowed money. The paper passes qualitative analysis to explain from two aspects of macroscopic, microcosmic that influence seven factors of the cash flow. The groundwork of this paper and research contents are as follows:First, having summed up the domestic and foreign credit evolution, analyzing that credit is flawed or damaged to the serious harm which the society, enterprise., individual bring.Second, having analyzed the current situation of credit rating inside the bank and pointed out the question existing in the credit rating work inside the present bank of our country and emphasized the necessity and urgent of establishing the system of effective credit rating inside the bank of our country.Third, having put forward the basic method to carry on credit rating to the customer on the basis of summarizing documents and practical experience. Itrounds customer's management cash flow in the following 3 to 5 years of the borrowed money, manage seven respects, such as tactics, financial affairs, etc. from enterprises basically have analyzed the favorable and unfavorable factors of the abundance and stability influenced and has studied the influence that the debt ensure in a lot of scenes of these factors.Finally, using the basic theories and method graded to cany on real example analysis to the borrowed money customer.Thesis accumulates and uses domestic and international credit rating practical experience and method foundation of basic theories for reference because of long-term work, combining the national conditions of our country to put forward the basic frame of credit rating inside the bank. This paper has stronger reference value to the thing that the commercial bank of our country carries on customer's credit rating.
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