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Research On People-oriented Management Of State-owned Enterprise

Posted on:2005-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122991627Subject:Administrative Management
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All advances of science and technology, all creations of material wealth, all developments of social productivity, and all operations of socioeconomic systems, need human's service, laboring and management. People-oriented management is the management centered on people. At present people-oriented management is the most popular theory in enterprise management and the most popular topic among managers. But in realism, many enterprises think that people-oriented management is to develop human resource and mobilize people's positivity. Though this idea can reflect the management centered on people, it is one-sided. Only if we get to the heart of people-oriented management, explore and seek combined with enterprises' practical situations, can we make this theory send out rays of light and reach its highest. Based on this idea, we take some research and discussion on people-oriented management in domestic enterprises.To understand people-oriented management, we must grasp what is people-oriented. Originally, people-oriented is the necessity of humanism, while humanism is proposed against capitalism. It is all known that early enterprises are built up by centering on capitals. Capital accumulation and expanded reproduction are two primary methods that enterprises obtain more surplus values. Therefore management in those days is centered on capitals. However, as the capitalistic mode of production got ahead, especially after 1950s, the contribution of manpower to enterprises' productivity increases gradually, and manpower is more important than material resource. Thus humanism replaces capitalism and hold dominant position in enterprises. The people-oriented management is then generated. The core of people-oriented management in modern enterprises is that manpower in enterprises should be viewed as man itself, not just an element of production or a resource. Strictly speaking, "oriented" in people-oriented management means "origin", "root", or "aim" philosophically. It is a new philosophical understanding of the essence oforganizational management.This thesis is arranged into three parts. The first part is to expatiate the concept, theory and characteristics of people-oriented management. The second part analyzes the main problems with people-oriented management in domestic enterprises. These problem are: management thoughts of people-oriented is not enough; infrastructures of human resource managerial department is not perfect; rights and interests of employees are threatened; researches on employees' thinking and behavior are not enough; realism and practice in people-oriented management disjoint; formalism of ideological and political work is serious. The third part of this thesis is aim to solve these problems, i.e., form the guidance of public opinion in people-orient management; build up management thoughts of people-oriented; maintenance employees' interests and put the insurance system into effect; carry out cultural activities in enterprises; implement object management; our government should guide people-oriented management in enterprises.For any enterprise, it cannot exist if it has no people-oriented management, and it cannot run normally, if it has no good people-oriented management. The innovation of this thesis is: we propose an idea that people-oriented management should attach importance to humanization, and we think that cultural activities, ideological and political work in enterprises are both in the range of people-oriented management.Since china entered into WTO, world economy has integrated gradually, and domestic enterprises are confronted with tremendous impacts and challenges. To rise to these challenges, the core task of enterprise management is to popularize the concept and knowledge of people-oriented management, and to build up a group of human resource managers. Especially directors of enterprises should attach importance to people-oriented management. Enterprise should replace event-oriented with people-oriented and joint with international conventions.
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