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Study On Performance Appraisal System Of Corporations As A Whole

Posted on:2005-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122993214Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Performance appraisal includes corporation entire performance evaluation and employee performance appraisal. There have been many studies on the latter one, but few on the corporation performance as a whole because of its complexity. It is the base and premise of enterprise management and development to correctly evaluate corporation performance. Now single financial index system which mainly comes from the accountant information is widely adopted in the traditional performance appraisal system. But it can't completely appraise enterprise performance nor is it conducive to the variance of management condition and the enterprise strategy.The appraisal system of corporation performance studied by this thesis introduces non-financial index into performance appraisal system, and combines financial index with non-financial index. All the non-financial indexes originate from the strategy of enterprises which are the result of corporation strategy analysis. This kind of index system can form a bi-directional circle between enterprise strategy and enterprise target. Therefore, all aspects of enterprise management can be monitored and fed back timely.The first part is mainly about the purpose, significance and research method; the second part analyzes the influence of enterprise strategy on corporation performance appraisal, then discusses the characteristic and function of the appraisal system studied by this thesis; the third one analyzes three aspects of performance on the basis of studying the meaning and origin of performance, then summarizes the aims and basic hypothesis of performance appraisal, and then gives the integrated steps and methods to found corporation entire performance appraisal system; the fourth one studies how to found key performance index system; the fifth one studies how to set up the model and administrative levels of corporation entire performance appraisal, and then studies how to value the indexical weight using the analytic hierarchy process and how to dispose the data. The last part of the thesis takes an instance of an IT corporation studying how to evaluate corporation entire performance appraisal and analyze the appraisal result.
Keywords/Search Tags:corporation performance appraisal, index system, key index, the analytic hierarchy process
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