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Modeling And Simulated Analysis On Gray-dynamic System Of Strategy For Sustainable Use Of Land On County Level

Posted on:2005-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122998283Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Based on regional sustainable development, this paper analyses the opening and large-scale system which is composed of population, economy, natural environment and land, then set up a gray-dynamic system model for sustainable use of land in Wuming county. Making use of the model to forecast the trend of the county's land use over a long period of time, the prosperity is gloomy. By analyzing and testing the model on computer repeatedly some important points of policy are found ,such as the control of population, the speed of citilization, the increase of land using for industry , and so on. Linked with the strategy of region development and designed some strategic of land utilization as well as policy parameter. After made simulated experiments and analyzed on these patterns, relative ideal strategic pattern was draw out. Furthermore, a set of strategic speculations, policy suggest and projects of adjustment on land utilization for each section of national economy were put forward, which are scientific, reasonable, realistic and doable. By doing so provided foundation to compile project for total programming of land utilization in Wuming County.As for contents and method in this paper, the penman strived for making some innovations, for example, to make deep analysis on construction, characteristics and function of system of Sustainable use of land from the view point of theory of system, aim at the gray and controllable characteristics of system of Sustainable land utilization, established model of ODE and solve the equation on computer with MATLAB imitated software using the method of Runge-Kutta.
Keywords/Search Tags:system of Sustainable use of land, model, strategy, the gray-dynamic system, establish model, dynamic simulate
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