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Analysis Of Behavior And Incentive & Control Mechanism Between Demander And Supplier In Venture Capital

Posted on:2005-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122999300Subject:Business management
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Venture capital is a long-term risk-taking equity capital,which is regarded as the engine of promoting high-technology industry .The thesis is a part of National Science Fund Project 'The credit risk management mode and administrative system development in the course of high-tech risk investment' ( 70073012). On the basis of reading the domestic and international relevant document and making investigation on Venture enterprises in Shenzhen, the thesis makes theoretical and demonstration analysis of behavior and incentive&control mechanism between demander and supplier in venture capital.We seek for a suitable road of developing venture capital.This thesis includes 9 chapters, the content of every chapter is the following:Chapter 1: Preface. The Chapter elaborates research background, meaning and current situation ,defines thesis theme, research content and the current research situation Chapter 2: The meaning and development of venture capital , the overview of the investment and current situation of the development.Chapter 3: The research on behavior of the demander in venture capital.This chapter explains how the demander confirms the demand of the fund, how to choose suitable way of venture capital, and the cost during the venture financing .The demand of the fund is according to production , the condition of sales and capital turnover situation of company, calculate the total amount of the demand of the company ,then deduct the capital amount that has actually try to get the quantity of capital. Prediction law that the sureness of the demand of the fund generally adopts and determines the nature; The fund-raising starting an undertaking and making the investment is the rights and interests capital, gain the fund with some stock rights, its financing way has: Common stock , preference stocks , convertible bond ,etc.. Financing way which is afford to use to choose, can also reduce the cost, raise the financial administration level. Finally it analysis the typical behavior of the demander in venture capital in different stages that sums up growth stage and mature period.Chapter 4: The research on behavior of the supplier in venture capital. It introduces the supplier how to choose the demander. It includes 1) Invest in recommendation assess 2 ) project speciality assess 3 ) value assessment of venture enterprise. Studying speciality of the system made the investment start an undertaking assess emphatically among them. Assessing entrepreneur's quality mainly, assessing the technology of the project , evaluating the market of the project, assessing the financial , analysing the project and evaluating in management team of the project have put forward detailed assessment method and step. Finally it anlysis the typical behavior of the supplier in venture capital in different stages that sums up growth stage and mature period.The demander and the supplier of venture capital , including the agency, form the main action in venture capital. However, it is the most important one that the behavior between the demander and the supplier in the period of venture capital. The venture capital behavior embodies the result of game actions between the demander and the supplier finally. Chapter 5 analyzes the game behavior of the two sides in venture capital and summarizes the characteristics of the behavior, and put forward the corresponding suggestions. It has drawn the corresponding tactics of both the supplier and the supplier. This chapter is one of the key contents of this thesis. Through the match behavior analysis between the supplier and demander while making investment , it doesn't have fundamental antithesis to draw the interests in the course of investment and financing .To sum up, both sides benefit total heavy or smaller difference ,tactics make the difference only. External environment is the topic of the 6th chapter. This chapter emphasizes the control mechanism ,it includes the policy and law .Both create the influence of venture capital. The laws including company law, intellectual property...
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