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On Causes And Prevention Of China Commercial Bank Risk

Posted on:2005-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Historical materials show : the major reason for the failure of international banking since the 20th century is the failure in managing bank risk properly .China has been puzzled by this problem all along, which becomes a great hidden danger threatening economy to develop healthily . Chinese government had taken a series of measures over the past several years: Legislation for the banking in 1994, strengthening financial scrupulous supervision after 1996, supplementing capital of 270 billion yuan for four major state-owned banks in 1998, establishing assets management company and stripping non-performing assets of 14 thousand billion Yuan in 1999, etc. But all these measures have not touched the unreasonable system foundation of the banking system , therefore unable to control the risk increment fundamentally and improve performance . At present, the hidden risks have been exposed . In face of competition and challenge brought by foreign financial institutions after entering the WTO in 2006, this session of government decides to reform state-owned banks completely.The government input foreign exchange reserve of 45 billion dollar at Bank of China and Construction Bank of China at the end of last year, accelerates joint-stock reformation and controlls increment risks eventually.Therefore probing into the characteristic of bank risk, special systematic original cause, joint-stock reformation and administration structure which are regarded as primary mesures has important theoritical and realistic meaning. Chapter one expounds the forms of China bank risks at first. The credit risks ,especially assets credit quality of state-owned commercial banks, are the most outstanding financial risks at present; Although the liquidity risk of the state-owned commercial banks has not appeared ( concealed by high deposits rate of the residents temporarily), the potential difficulty in payment increases ; in addition ,there are still serious exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, crime risk and so on. In this part, the characteristic of China bank risks is also put forward,which includes concentrating, hidden and social characteristic. There are so many risks in China banks. Why have all these risks not caused bank crisis or bankruptcy? How are they produced and accumulated? The second chapter attempts to answer these questions. China is at the transition stage from planned economy to market economy, and it has space to carry out steady economic policies of regulation and control, there are five pillars supporting the bank system of China, that is high growth of small and medium-sized enterprises on internal financing, powerful export, high deposite rate, strict control on other credit channels and non-latent assurance made by government. All the five major policies are facing the trend of being assaulted , so it is urgy to probe into the original cause of risks of China banking . Among all the reasons, this thesis focuses on systematic risk. There are several main respects, i.e. why the economic system has not broken away from planned economy yet; the ownership system of state-owned commercial banks is unable to accommodate the development of market; the financial market is immature; the proportion of financing in the capital market is low; the laws and regulations of the financial market is not perfect and financial supervision is weak.Systematic risk is obvious in China banking system, originally lying in the ownership system gap of state-owned banks, the vacancy of enterprises.Only ownership reformation can solve the problem fundamentally. In addition, reformation to joint-stock enterprises, deepening internal reformation, building administration structure, changing operating mechanism are all requisite. Drawing experience from western commercial banks,we should take an examination mechanism for risk-cored performance, strengthen internal control, perfect mechanism of assets risks management .There should be corresponding external reformation.First of all, a competitive bank system is foundation t...
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