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The First Proble To Human Resourse Management Of Qinghai Oilfield Company

Posted on:2005-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125452324Subject:Business Administration
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In this article, we analyse the problems witch lie in the human resource management of the Qihai Oilfield Company, using basic theories of management. And find out the reason of these problems. Considering the environment at the same time, we gave out the way to solve these problems, witch is reality and can be put into use. The way is construct the labor market inside the company and construct a mechanism witch employees can flow freely. In the management group we take the system of post competition commonly. To the other posts, not management posts, we divide them into deferent levels mainly by capability needed. Make the pay grap bigger between different levels. And take the system of post competition by order of levels from high to low. At the same time, we build employment system of different kind. And make full use of market system witch has been existed outside. Cut down the lifetime employment by naturally reduce. Enhance training, develop the lifetime employees. Make them core employees by master core technique. The chance of promotion become larger and this can be a effective encouragement to them. For the normal jobs, they are simple comparatively speaking and employees can master them only by short time training, we can use shot time employees to replenish the naturally reduce of manpower. Thus we can solve effectively the problems witch caused by short of market competitive system. At the same time, investigate to the current results investigation system, salary system improvement, combining to establish the employee withdraw mechanism makes human resource management activity more science and reasonable, increasing our company human resource management level. This result can be useful for other big or middle national enterprises of china to improvement of human resource management.
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