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Economic Evaluation Method And Practice For Local Railway Project

Posted on:2005-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125453366Subject:Business Administration
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Economic evaluation of railroad project is the important content and organic part of primary research about the feasibility of railway project and the possibility research, and is the linchpin that determines the future of projects. At the same time, it offers advices about projects, the report of feasibility, the examination and approval to the article of design admission, the item appraisal and the scientific and economic evaluation to economic warrant. But the characters of local railroad built by local government through rising are the same as the national ones by center government through rising in plan. They are corporate organization undertaking passenger-container social transportation, and prolongation and supplement for network of nation rail transportation. Consequently, it has much indispensable effect on accelerating local economic development.The local railroad has much distinctness as to national railroad. Therefore, how to process the economic evaluation accurately becomes very important to the local railroad item.First, this article expatiates synthetically the general principles and index election of economy evaluation of the railroad developments item, which includes the system principles that we must follow, the principles that dynamic analysis is combined with static analysis and that qualitative analysis is integrated with quantitative analysis. Next, it analyses and explores the characters of the economic evaluation of local railway and questions we should notice, which are the emphases in our article. According with the principles that local railway is the prolongation and supplement for network of nation rail transportation, the local railway pursues less investment and higher efficiency, and the technique standards is under ones ofour nation. What's more, it adopts local construction enterprise and has much difference in workout budget and selection to rates of cost. So, it has lower cost. In our opinion, construction of local railway should hold many preferential policy such as tax, so, in economic evaluation, the local railway project should integrate actual environment, collect foundation data and select economic evaluation parameter. At the same time, when evaluating local railway project, we should choose logically period of calculation, social discount rate and shadow coefficient, and try to guarantee the science and accuracy of the foundation data. Finally, it was detailed to analyze the process of evaluating economic project of thelocal railroad--Naxi-Shuyung that the author participated personally and elicitsthat the item is available evaluation conclusion in economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:the local railroad construction, economy evaluation methods, possibility studies
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