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International Comparison And Research On Government Economic Function During The Development Of New High-tech Industry

Posted on:2005-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125454794Subject:World economy
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The development of the new high-tech industry is an important factor to decide the domestic industry competition ability and national competition ability. Having characteristics such as high innovation and high risk, the new high-tech industry needs government interfere during the development process. The development process of new high-tech industry in all countries has confirmed this. The development of new high-tech industry brings us opportunities with challenges. It decides that our country will catch up with or will be thrown again in the behind, and relates to the national economy destiny.This dissertation used research approaches include deductive analysis and comparative analysis, divided into five parts. The dissertation analyzed the characteristic of the development of new high-tech industry at first. It pointed out that having characteristics such as high innovation and high risk, decides that the development of new high-tech industry needs the interference of government. Then, it analyzed the relevant theory of government economic functions and the particularity of the study during the development of new high-tech industry, pointed out the new high-tech industry even needs moderate interferes and supports of government. After that, draw lessons from the analysis train of the "diamond" theory of Michel Porter, it analyzed the demands of the development of new high-tech industry from the angle of catching up, include the regulation function that the key element disposes, demand regulation and preferential policy, strategical planning and organization coordinates, new high-tech enterprise hatches, and the supply of the legal system. Then it carried on international comparative analysis to the government economic functions of some typical countries, to find out the successful experiences with the lessons of the failure. At last, it proposed some enlightenment to our country. This dissertation has new and original views in the analysis of the demands of government economic function and in the analysis of the coordination of various economic functions.
Keywords/Search Tags:new high-tech industry, government economic function, international comparison
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