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General Sustainability Study Of Oasis Agricultural Area

Posted on:2005-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G F KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125458514Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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Ecological risk analysis has been one of hot debated issues in recent years, which too has been put in practice for special areas' entironment analysis. The paper is a try-study of the type, which studies the general risks of an oasis system in which the ecological risk is the core be analyzed, and put forward some anti-risk ways for the oasis sustainable development.The oasis concept is a basis of the oasis study. The paper firstly detailed different oasis concepts from different experts, and generalized the oasis characteristic. Risk analysis is a combination of risk mathematics and the corresponding subjects, so riskics, mathematics, ecologies, environmentics, societies and systemic are the theoretical basis of risk study. The paper gave some simple description. Then the paper put a detailed things been studied by experts for us, which is a big help for deeper case study later.As a case study for Xiangride Oasis, the area's natural, social and economical facts is too a basis for the study. In fact, the studied area's specialty decided the differences of analysis means and practicality of the study. The principal part of the paper had three parts: entironment sustainable appraisement; social and economic sustainable appraisement and general sustainable appraisement of the oasis, for a systemic study. Of which, entironment analysis had too three parts in turn: soil resources carrying capacity analysis; water resources carrying capacity analysis and shelter belt optimization-control model analysis. And social and economic appraisement had studied socially immigrant risk and agricultural investment program risk. The last general appraisement had wholly analyzed harmony of population, eco-environment and society. Some ways are applied to oasis appraisement immovably and are perfected or improved. Although the result of appraisement showed that the oasis is at the stable stage (lower carrying capacity level), the paper gave us some sustainable measures for Xiangride Oasis's long -run development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oasis, Sustainable ability, Risk analysis, Ecological risk appraisement
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