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Study On Analysis Of Market Power Of Generation Market And Regulation

Posted on:2005-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125464674Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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In China's restructured electricity market, which separation of network operations and generation, and making electric generation market competitive, the Gencos as the entities of taking part in market competition can usually make use of dominant generation market share, trading conditions of market and operating state of system to carry out its market power for manipulating generation market, thus to gain reasonless excess-benefit. After analyzing condition of market operating and strategy of Genco's bidding, that designs a applicable regulation system and corresponding regulation rules for market efficient competition is key to electric power regulation organize. This paper analyzes Genco's bidding behavior, with 3 factors of market structure of compacting on generation market power, under different market conditions and researches dynamic index of metering market power which system operating state is considered, for designing applicable market trading system and regulation system. In this paper, after analyzing the causes that produce market power, have intensively studied on three main factors in Genco's market power, which is pattern of market organization, settle methods of market and rules and policy of market. In analysis of market structure and settle methods of market, separately have compared power pool market, bilateral contract market and settle method of MCP, settle method of Pay-as-bid, adopted by power market country, by constructing and solving Genco's maximum benefit model. The drawn conclusions is that Genco's interest of manipulating market trading price of part of competitive energy have been reduced by signing electricity contract, thus contract of different (CFD) is a effective tool to mitigation market power. In analysis of settle methods of market, although Genco's bids of MCP as settle method higher than Pay-as-bid as settle method under conditions of normal market, which have no transmission congestion and Gencos' collusion, thought of probably appearing variety of system operating state and experience of many countries adopted power market system, the conclusion can be drew, is that, in market adopted Pas-as-bid as market settle method, Gencos usually submit their bids according to they own cost and supply-demand of market, so the market clearing price more reasonable and true. In market power metering analysis of this paper, selected dynamic HHI as tool to meter market power after comparing dynamic HHI with demand-supply ratio. The market monitoring system (MMS) is presented by making use of System Reserve Capacity Index, Transmission Congestion Index, Market Clearing Price Monitoring Index, Market Clearing Price Distribution Index and Advanced Market Concentrating Index.At last, put forward corresponding market monitoring and regulation policy of generation market with now state of China's restructured electricity market and development and conclusions of what based on empirical research, which on east China's Z province, which power market have been carried on several years before, by dynamic HHI. Research results of this paper help to China build electricity power regulation system and regulation rules with now China's restructured electricity market, for standardizing market participants' behavior and enhancing efficiency. These conclusions drawn in this paper can be referred by electricity power regulation organization for establishing reform designing and in instituting rules.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electricity Power Market, Generation Market, Market Power, Dynamic HHI, Game Theory
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