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Influential Factors Of Urban Governmental Management Systems

Posted on:2005-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125466220Subject:Administrative Management
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America is a nation with varied urban governmental management systems in the world. This essay , starting with the first reform of U.S.urban governmental systems that took place in the tide of urbanization in the late of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century, analyses and demonstrates the basic stimulus and essential causes of the reform, then, mainly states the typical varieties and characteristics of the U.S.urban management systems, employing the systematic theory and the method of historical comparisin and case- study, makes inner analysis on their existence .This essay points out that not only are the advent and development of U.S. urban management systems closely relevant to U.S. economic development and governmental reform, but also mutually complemented with the development of urban systems.By the case- study of the U.S., this essay summaries the fundamental factors influencing urban management systems, governmental system determines urban management forms, urban culture is concerned closely with the choice of urban management systems, economic development and governmental reform stimulate the evolution of urban management forms ,urban systematic factors will never be ignored , and suggests that urban management forms will never remain unchangeable, eventually, suggests that urban management systems should adapt themselves to the management subjects, by which we can offer some considerations for management -system design and reform of China s cities.Considering the present condition of China's urban development and management systems, taking U.S. for reference, in the course of building modern urban management forms, the following relations, which include the relation between centralization and democracy in urban management systems, the relation between efficiency and urbanAbstractmanagement systems , the relation between government and enterprises and also between principle and volatility in urban management systems ,must be dealt with properly .
Keywords/Search Tags:urban governmental management systems, the U.S, influential, factor analysis.
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