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Protection Of Commercial Apartment Consumer's Rights And Interests

Posted on:2005-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of china's real estate and the deepening of the reform of the housing system, as a special commodity, commercial apartment becomes more and more important in people's personal consumption day by day. In reality, our legitimate rights are often infringed during the business of commodity apartment. Most victims can not get judicial and administrative remedies in time so that consumers' rights and interests have not get due and abundant protection. It not only encroaches the existence interests of consumer but also influences the development of the real estate industry and deepening of reform of urban housing system. It is so urgent that we should strengthen the protection of commodity apartment consumer. Firstly, this dissertation studies commodity apartment consumer's rights and interests and analyses the connotation and property of commodity apartment consumer's rights and interests. Through comparing with consumer's rights and interests of other fields, this dissertation stresses the necessity and urgency of strengthens the protection of consumer's rights and interests.Secondly, through observing some concrete questions about encroaching on consumer's rights and interests in the commodity apartment business, this dissertation analyses the reason of the question. Consumer's weak person status in the market economy, imperfection of legislates and management of real estate market lead to above questions. Finally, the dissertation provides some suggestions as to the reason of encroaching on consumer's rights and interests of commodity apartment. First, we should use the experience of Singapore for reference that set up real estate business company of state- run and improve the land buying-selling system. Second, we should improve legislation of administration of real estate corporation. Third, we should improve real estate registration system, set up unified registering organization and unified legal basis and set up open inquiry organ of registration material of real estates. Forth, we should establish punishment compensation system for commodity apartment business. Fifth, we should upgrade consumer's rights and interests protection system, use experiences of Britain, U.S.A., Japan and German for reference, establish "Housing Law" etc. so as to strengthen the protection of commodity apartment consumers.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial apartment consumer, protection of rights and interests, perfection of legislation
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