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Structure Optimization & Risk Precaution Of The Security Market

Posted on:2005-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125469375Subject:Political economy
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China's security market has transformed from the regional market into nationwide market after the development for more than ten years, and it becomes indispensable to socialist market economy. However, while the securities market is expanding rapidly, it also accumulates a lot of contradictions restricting its one's own development. The structure defect of the security market is one of the behavior which shows that contradictions are sharpened. At present, it is actually rare on the theoretical research of the security market. So, there are important theoretic and realistic meaning on its study.This thesis takes the structure of the security market as the logical thread which runs through the total passage. The research of the thesis is launched from four respects along this thread:The first respect is the concept and classification to the structure of the security market on the basis of what forefather studied, which forms the foundation of this thesis. The second respect is that some main statistics which are correlative with this study are choosed as index for analyzing the stock market of shanghai and Shenzhen, and some postive analysis on the change of China's security market structure are carried out. Meantime, by using the method of comparative analysis, the second also announces the inherent defects and profound reasons, which form this focal point of the studies of this thesis. Composing a piece of writing and coming here, it is natural to transite to the third respect. In the part, the meaning of structure risk of the security market, characteristics and forming mechanism are discussed in detail. And the view that the structure risk is a dynamic one is proposed. Respect four, on the basis of the above-mentioned conclusions, proposes the structure optimizing of the security market is a course of dynamic one, thus, which offers theory support for adjusting and optimizing thestructure of the security market constantly. The thesis proposes the concrete measures on structure optimization and risk precaution of the security market at last.
Keywords/Search Tags:security market, structure optimization, risk precaution
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