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Study On Investment Control And Investment Venture In The Implement Period Of The Construction Project

Posted on:2005-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125953273Subject:Architecture and Civil Engineering
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The out of control of the construction project investment is a obvious problem in the project item construction of our country, so it is an urgent problem to be settled that how to improve the level of investment control in the implement period of the construction project and to increase effectively the profit of the investment. In the thesis, against the problem in the present investment control of the project item, factors of investment risk in the implement period are classified and these risk factors are identified and collated through the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Based on the fundamental thoughts of Grey System Method, the correlation identification model was established to identify the disturbed factors influencing investment and to define the critical factors influencing investment. Second, the principle, method and measure of dynamic control in the implement period of the construction project are analysed. The primal risks that the relation between investment and quality, time, market and the influence of which on the investment are analysed emphatically in the thesis, and through the dynamic planning law, the optimum cost corresponding to optimum project period is defined.Based on Grey System Method, the investment risk analysis system and investment dynamic analysis system are established. The main function of investment risk analysis system is the gray correlation identification on the disturbed factors influencing investment and the main function of investment dynamic analysis system is to set up the gray dynamic forecast model based on the fundamental principle of metabolism GM (1,1). Through forecasting the future investment and execution condition of investment, the gist is provided for the decision maker to establish and control the investment of next period.
Keywords/Search Tags:investment risk, gray control systems, quality risk, time risk, market risk
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