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Comparison Of The Sustaining System About Social Service For Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises In Both Sides Of The Straits Comparsion Of The Sustaining System About Social Service For Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises Between Hubei And Taiwan

Posted on:2005-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125954462Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The healthy development of the Small- and Medium- sized Enterprises(SME) is an increasing dot which has the most vitality of national economy. It relates the development of whole national economy. In recent years, with party's guide about releasing the SME, each section expedite the SME reform's step. Supporting and developing SME have become a long-term and stable basic policy to our development of economy.It is obvious to us about the SME's position and function in our economy development. There are more 10,000,000 which have registered in national industry and business administrative department, accounting for 99% of national total enterprise. The SME occupy 60%,57%,43%, respectively in national industry value, proceeds and profit. SME accounts 90% of whole retail net order in circulating realm. SME provide post in national total town employment position, accounting for 75%. SME occupies above 60% in whole national export sum. Moreover, the healthy development of SME has great benefit to satisfy people's consumptive need of increasingly diverse and adapt the big enterprise's adjustment of industrial structure. Besides, the healthy development of SME can live village economy and promote a national international competition. But, it is necessary to establish the perfect social service system for develop the SME's advantage and promote SME's healthy development. For this, it is significant to set up social service system of SEM.Giving support to the SME's development is a important step in many countries. Developed countries have all sound social service system in world. They provide every kind of software supports just for SME. For example, the United states considers to push and support the SME's healthy development as an important task of government. The United States established the management bureau of SME in 1953. For enhancing the supporting degree to SME, it established creates opportunity for SME of 1998-2002 five years financial plan in 1997. And it propose concrete plan with target to help SME's development. Japan quicken network developments. It make use of "creative technique research development make up deficiency system" to help SME to increase technique development ability, strengthen the whole technical level of enterprise. And the government financial treasury of SME and financial treasury of citizen praide love profit loan to enterprises which occur financial difficulty. Germany also provide the budget of research development, the subsidize of environmental protection and oversea market investigation, train aid and the subsidize of employment, etc. Taiwan is known for kingdom of SME. One hand, Taiwan economical development is depend on SME, on the other hand, the SME's development benefit from Taiwan's the complete service system which can meet need of SME. This kind of service system is not only financial ways but also includes every ways. It is not only authorities but also folks. So, Taiwan's SME can successfully passmany difficulty and attain increasing development.The text is primarily analysis that successful experience in SME social service system of USA, Japan, Germany and Taiwan, (center is Taiwan, because Taiwan have common history culture background and economy environment in exterior with mainland). The text's ami at providing some enlighten for SME and government supervisor sections of the province of Hubei. We look forward to quickening the SME social service system developments of the province of Hubei.
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