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On Financial Analysis Of Listed Company's Governance Structure In China

Posted on:2005-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125954498Subject:Business management
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As a comparatively important problem in the modern enterprise systems-thegovernance structure, in our country, has gradually been paid close attention to by the economical circles till recent years, The discussion of it mostly is unfolded not from financial angle but from the angel of director's behaviors, leadership structure, remuneration contracts which, of course, can guide and manage to further the deep theoretical research and promote the actual enterprises-managing abilities. But it is far from being enough to study only in terms of these. All we know that the cores of enterprises are the financial affairs, and the financial affairs include raising funds making investments and distributing dividends. Because enterprise's fund-raising activity is the starting point of the whole financial activities and its specialrelationship with the governance structure. So, from a special visual angle-raising funds, thiscontext analyses the financing structure of the western countries and poses some questions about them at first, and then tries to find the correct answers to the questions and seeks the enlightenments which give to us, Finally basing on the concrete financial data , the context analyses the actual conditions of the listed company in our country and put forward the corresponding administrative countermeasures. The whole context is divided into several following chaptersChapter one. Introductions. This chapter describes selected title motives firstly, and then prescribes whole structure of the context, finally looks into the distance about it.Chapter two. The meanings of governance structure and its relationship with finance structure. This chapter has introduced the concept of governance structure firstly, and then makes a conclusion that the financing structure is the foundations of the governance structure by analyzing the relationship between the stockholders equity structure or the capital structure and the governance structure. This chapter offers the theoretical foundations for the following chapters.Chapter three. Comparisons the Japanese company's governance structure with American company's in finance. This chapter firstly puts forward the question that why Japanese economy was prosperous entirely from the 1970s to the 1990s while the economy was depressing continuously after that time and the American economy just on the contrary? And then Compares the Japanese company's governance structure with American company's in two respects of financing structure stockholders equity structure and capital hoping to find the correct answer. This Chapter offers concrete operation support to chapter five.Chapter four. The financial analysis of the governance structure of listed company in our country. This chapter analyses the governance structure from stockholders equity structure andcapital structure -two respects of financing structure -and points out weak points andsome problems that need to cope with urgently.Chapter five. The policies and recommendations of optimizing the structure of financing and promoting efficiency of managing. Basing on the chapter three and four, this chapter put forward the corresponding policies and recommendations. The whole chapter is still unfolded in stockholders equity structure and capital structure one by anther.
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