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Study On Dynamic Evaluation Of Forest Land In Nanping

Posted on:2005-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125954595Subject:Forest management
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The forestland is carrier of the forest, the fountainhead to gain the forestry material wealth, the important constituent of the forest asset. Under market economy environment, it must be treated as asset. With the gradual consummation of land utilization the land disposition process already has entered the market mechanism. So the use of forestland will be even more frequent, the forestland market must come into shape. The forestland asset evaluation already became necessary.This article begins with explanation of the definition of forest land; then expounds concept of the forest land asset; makes the more exhaustive theory explanation to the forest land rent; Elaborates 3 kinds of values theories. These 3 kinds of theories all may show the forestland asset is valuable.As one kind of land, the forestland asset value is decided by two parts: forestland values itself and forestiand use value. Accordingly, the forestland asset value should consist of the forestland itself value and the forestland use value. It simultaneously analyses differential land rent and the absolute land rent with the Marx land rent theory; elaborates the forest land differential land rent; explains difference and relation between the differential land rent I and differential land rent II.It elaborates the factors influencing forestland value. The forestland realizes its value through the lumber and other forests products. The forest study quality usually also is called the site quality. Many factors such as the economical quality can affect the forestland value. Then it introduces and Analyses forestland asset evaluation methods, emphasizes serviceability of he LEV method.The forestland has the value and to be allowed to materialized, but now generally the study on forestland value is still in the period of theoretical formula inferential reasoning and the proof. What now needs is practical application. If the value of forest land can be materialized, then it can bring much convenience to evaluation of forest land. This research takes Nanping as sample area, and will materialise the forestland value in another method so that it can provide the scientific basis for some economic practice such as evaluation, check, property right management and transfer of forestland.It introduces the basic principle of dynamic evaluation of forest land and establishes the dynamic evaluation model In the choice of forestland evaluation fundamental formula, it elaborates the reason to choose LEV as the fundamental formula. By LEV, average forestland rent and the standard rent are computed. With reference to the site quality quantitative score table, the site difference coefficient can be figured out according to the present marking.According to the fact of timber production in Nanping, it establishes the formulas of timber collection transportation expenses.Determination of regional difference coefficient. Local timber price can have big influence over local land price. Many factors can affect the local timber price, thus influence forestland price. In order to analyze these macroscopic factors influencing the local forestland value, the analytic method of Principal components Analysis (PCA) is used to determinate principal components. Then with stepwise linear regression method, the factors influencing forest land value such as per area timber cumulation, forestland utility efficiency, per capita gross forest production, and local consuming index.Determination of dynamic consumption index coefficient. In order to make the forestland dynamic evaluation value active during the certain long-term time, then dynamic consumption index coefficient must be introduced. Then forestland can have different price during following different period.By taking an example, it introduces the whole process of dynamic evaluation offorestland. The result also shows that the land price is accurate and basically reasonable. The result also indicates that the dynamic evaluation model result is basically reasonable.The dynamic evaluation model is simple and quick.
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