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Building And Improving Medical Insurance System In Urban Areas

Posted on:2005-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125956513Subject:Management of social security
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Following the medical insurance policies in new period and the principles of economics, the dissertation discusses the problem of medical service market and medical insurance market, analyses the defects and shortcomings of medical insurance system in China, compares the four typical medical insurance system models in foreign countries, and puts forward the imaginations of building and perfecting the Chinese character' s medical insurance system in urban areas.The dissertation is composed of four chapters.Chapter 1 theoretically analyzes the medical insurance system. It focuses on the medical service market and the medical insurance market, and analyses the features of the two markets from the angles of market supply and demand. At the same time, with the deep exploration to the phenomenon of market failure and government failure, the dissertation discusses the necessity and feasibility of government's effective regulation on the two markets, and the rules for the government to follow to play the function are also introduced.Chapter 2 introduces the history of medical insurance system in urban areas. It sets the history into three periods: the traditional period, the trial period and the form period of the new system. The dissertation analyses the merits and shortcomings of the medical insurance policy in each period, and discusses the necessity of establishing and improving the medical insurance system in urban areas.Chapter 3 analyses some typical state medical insurance systems in foreign countries. Here presented four medical insurance system models in the world: the national budgeted insurance, the social insurance, the commercial insurance and the individual savings insurance. Taking four representative countries as the instances, the dissertation compares the basic features of various system models from the responsibility of the government, the source of the fund, the way of the management, the situation of the medical resources and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The dissertation lays emphasis on the comparison of the way of payment and reform measures from which we would benefit a lot.Chapter 4 proposes the ideas of improving medical insurance system in urban areas. Based on theoretical analysis to all kinds of system models and further research about the common problems of medical insurance system and its tendency, we take out the way and policy suggestion for the establishment and development of medical insurance system in our country after reviewing and summarizing the present situation and the history of the reform for medical insurance system in our country and referring to international experience and lesson.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical insurance in urban areas, medical insurance model, basic medical insurance, medical insurance market
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