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Ideological Political Education Via Network Research

Posted on:2004-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125956857Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The making and development of networks in China have only a short history of a few years, but at present networks have become popular, so much so that innumerable individuals and communities are living in the virtual space constructed by networks. Networks have been exerting direct and profound, field of ideological and political education is evidently no exception. Networks pose serious challenge to ideological and political education, and bring about great opportunity thereto as well.Various changes resultant from networks give impetus to conscious and unconscious large-scale readjustment in traditional ideological political education, with the creation and constant application of theories of network ideological political education as one of the specific manifestations. Network ideological political education is a type of education conforming to principles of communication studies and laws of moral education and conducted via computer network. It is a product of the combination of computer Internet with ideological political education and an indication of the novel development of traditional ideological political education through the employment of modem scientific and technological means. On the basis of the knowledge of computer network and multimedia and a good command of modern and traditional techniques, the new kind of education is aimed at guiding the audience to get in full and objective touch with data and selectively absorb proper information by making, spreading and controlling network information so as to develop certain moral qualities and achieve the ultimate goal of ideological political education.The thesis, 'titled "a study of ideological political education via networks", aims to analyze and study the present condition and available theories of network ideological political education, explore certain new and means in network ideological political education, and thus provide better relevant support for the practice of that education.Beginning with the analysis of networks and the realization of ideological political education, the paper investigates into the main features of networks and their major influence on social life. And then the paper studies the social nature of networks and draws three conclusions: i. Man is still the master of the network society;ii. The network society still displays the social nature of man; iii. the network society is still of political and class nature. Since the appearances of network and its social nature implied therein inevitably have great impact on ideological political education, the paper makes a corresponding analysis of that phenomenon from the vantage point opportunity and challenge in an effort to provide factual support for further exploration of other theoretical issues of network ideological political education.The necessity, purposefulness, lawfulness and possibility of network ideological political education compose the major theoretical issues to be confronted and solved by relevant practice, and the paper is duely focused on the study of these subjects and accordingly divided into three chapters.First, the thesis makes analyses of the necessity and purposefulness. From the aspects of theoretical sense and realistic significance, the paper argues that network ideological political education is theoretically and realistically necessary. Thereupon the paper discusses the purposefulness of network ideological political education in wide coverage and proposes that the new type of education belongs to the category of social practice capable of satisfying the need of social development and the essential need of man's self development. In detail, five points and included:a. Ideological political education via network meets the need of man's subjective development;b. Ideological political education via network is adaptable to the new variations of the environment of ideological political education in network societies and naturally had external purposefulness;c. Ideological political education via network is ai...
Keywords/Search Tags:network, ideological political education, necessity, purposefulness, lawfulness, possibility, analysis
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