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Study On The Question Of Agricultural Product Standardization In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2005-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125962120Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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With the deepening of open and reform,the fast development of agriculrue & rural economy,especially the gradually formation of agricultural product buying marketplace, The quality conscious of wide farmer and agricultural product processed enterprise have been obviously improved.Afte WTO,the main farm products of Shaanxi Province are generally less competitive in the international market. Hence, Lifing farm products competitiveness at home and abroad market becomes the present hot issue.In order to meet the demand of domestic market and the challenge to international market,realising the new breakthrough in the quality, It's very important to build agriculture quality standards system which fit international market,strengthen management to agriculture quality standards and realize agricultural product standardization in Shaanxi province.Firstly,the dissertation prents the relevant theories of agricultural product standard-ization,discussing the basic princple of standardization,the relationship between standard and agricultural product, concept and rules of product standardization.Secondly, having analyzed the general situation of development of agricultural product standardization in developed countries, the present situation of our country, and some implementation situations in advanced provinces and cities, and analyzed present situation of major agricultural product standardization in Shaanxi province,the paper summarises four questions on Shaanxi agricultural product standardization,which shows standard system,standard supervising system,operating system and standard consciousness.Thirdly, based on fully understanding the direction of agricultural product standardization and seriously analyzing the present problems,the paper also puts forward an model to found and perfect product standardization in Shaanxi province: agricultural product standard systems,which include plant products industry standard and aquaculture standard; the quality inspection, monitoring and examination; the quality qualification; the standard technology and executive system.Finally, the paper points out some guarantee measures of implementing agricultural product standardization by the situation of standards of major agricultural products in Shaanxi province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural product standardization, Agricultural product standard system, Supervising system
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