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The Study Of Construction Cost Control Mode Base On Concurrent Design

Posted on:2005-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125963092Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The more and more intense market competition requires architectural designing branches to change traditional designing methods, and promote designing efficiency and designing quality in order to fulfill the requirements of the entrusting party. The well-designed result should be the most economical one in the first place. And the attention to cost control at designing phase can affect 95% of the total project investment.Application of concurrent design mode is the efficient way to promote designing efficiency of construction project. And the DFC(Design For Cost) method based on concurrent design principles has also the economical feature. This thesis analyses the characteristics of traditional designing mode and limitation design mode, and proposes a new cost-oriented mode of construction project design, which has the characteristics of incorporating cost control into designing and forming an integrity with engineering design. However, the new designing mode requires the whole process of cost control to be finished with the support of efficient information processing, and new valuating methods of engineering cost must be probed. And in light of this requirement, this thesis proposes the idea of setting up engineering cost data bank based on the principles of knowledge management, and researches into information content, structural mode and implementation technique of engineering cost data bank. This thesis analyses the requirements on evaluating methods of engineering cost by concurrent design mode, and proposes evaluating methods of engineering cost based on engineering cost data bank, including index approximation method based on index approximation, exchange-price combined method based on finished engineering cost materials, and local replacement method based on the results of exchange-price combined method. These three methods fulfill the requirements of accurate evaluation on engineering cost of construction project under various degrees of accuracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:engineering cost, concurrent design, Design For Cost
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