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Study On The Market Of Rural Land Interior Circulation

Posted on:2005-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q S LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125969244Subject:Land Resource Management
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The rural land interior circulation has existed widely in China, and not only its' scale is spreading, but also its' mode is diversifying, which led to many questions. It is a primary problem that should be solved quickly that inducing rational development of rural land interior circulation by improving the configuration efficiency of rural land resources, constructing appropriate circulation mechanism and standardizing the circulation action. The theoretic and empirical analyses on the circulation action are the base for making reasonable circulation mechanism, leading the circulation development rationally and manifesting the circulation function sufficiently.Now, scholars are mainly adopting the theory of institutional economics to study the problem about the farm land interior circulation. The paper applied institutional economics theory as well as resources economics theory to analysis the problem existing farm land circulation, and indicates market mechanism is the optimum option for it.According to the acting form of market mechanism, the paper select price mechanism, square deal mechanism, market's competitiveness mechanism and the validity of exterior interference as four standards to appraise market intensity of all kinds of farm land interior circulation after analyzing the actuality of farm land interior circulation.Then, the paper construct the dynamical mechanism and restrain mechanism of farm land interior circulation according to the market economic theory and made efficient analyzing for farm land interior circulation using economic method. At last, the paper draws an important conclusion: farm land utilization will more efficient when farm land interior circulation within the market mechanism under the circumstance of improving the whole welfare of mankind. On the basis the paper gives the expressions to calculate the net increase value of farm lands during circulation dominated in market mechanism.The paper analyze the factor effect the supply and demand of farm land's use right using the qualitative and quantitative method, and discusses the difference and the cause produce it between the existing forms and market form. Then the paper advance a frame to solve the problem towards the faultiness of rural market organization system and its' restriction to the farm land interior market.At last, on the base of above studies, the paper advances some countermeasure about building the farmland interior circulation market.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural land use right, interior circulation, market, mechanism.
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