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Research On Enterprise Credit Risk Management

Posted on:2005-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125969609Subject:Business management
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The faultiness of society credit system and lack of credit relationship among society economy substantialties are currently one of the most important problems in China. Credit become the most infrequent resources at the period of commodity overplus. So the lack of credit arise higher transaction costs and endure more risks, which holistic competitive ability can be lead to decrease.In the thesis, it focuses on actuality and development trend of overseas credit risk management, current problems of credit risk management and harm for enterprise arisen by lack of credit. The basic characteristic of credit risk has been analyzed in pertinence to open out main cause of credit risk in China.The statistic analysis has been carried out for enterprise survey data in the thesis. It is shown that keystone of enterprise credit risk management should build integrated credit management system. The concrete operation schemes adapted to enterprise credit management mode in our country have been put forward based on the foundation of use for reference of overseas advanced credit risk management theory and application in the thesis. Here lists the innovations and achievements in the research.1. It is summarized and analyzed for actuality and development trend of overseas credit risk management. The aspect that can be used has been put forward by the comparison with enterprise credit risk circumstance in China.2. Main cause of credit risk has been introduced by research in-depth for characteristic of credit risk.3. The whole process credit management mode has been brought forward, whichintegrates enterprise sale, finance and information management by increasingcredit management function.4. Computer network credit management has been brought forward to improve efficiency of enterprise credit management dramatically.
Keywords/Search Tags:Credit management, Credit risk, Credit policy, Account receivable
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