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Macro-Supervision Of China's Government To Foreign Investment Enterprises In New Situation

Posted on:2005-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During more than 20 years of China's reform and open, the investment to China from Foreign Investment Enterprises is increasing successively in all aspects of volume investment fields, as well as technical level. As a great number of Foreign Investment Enterprises exploring into China, they bring plentiful capital, advanced technologies, and sophisticated management methods, which is fresh blood to China's economy. These enterprises are an important part of China's reform and open policies, a branch of China's internal enterprise system, as well as a main form of China to utilize foreign investment directly. Therefore, how government in China should develop and regulate foreign investment enterprises becomes a very important for China to increase its economic growth and to learn foreign advanced technologies and management methods.This paper deals with foreign investment enterprises from the perspective of government supervision. Combining with the government supervision experiences learned from other countries, this paper judges the problems in the development process of foreign investment enterprises in China from both Macro- and Micro-angle of view and intents to provide ideas on how Chinese government should develop and regulate the foreign investment enterprises."selecting methods, reviewing modes, analyzing problems, and providing solutions" is presented. There are four main sections in this paper.Introduction, the first section is an abstracts on the research situation of this paper. The research target is defined. Both of the theoretical and practical senses are expounded. Some previous relevant research results are reviewed. And the research methods and innovations are explained.Second section is an analysis and comparison on other countries' policies of supervision Foreign Investment Enterprises. Researches are done on the mainforeign investment supervision policies in many developed and developing countries. Some revelations are found based on the analysis and comparison. For example, the European Union counties make no special regulation to the foreign investment enterprises. They treat domestic and foreign investment enterprises in the same way. The European Union decides its macro-investment policies from the perspective of the whole Union. At the same time, the Union has the function to supervise its members' investment policies. Japan emphasizes on absorbing and reusing advanced foreign technologies based on its own situation. While most developing countries work actively in attracting foreign investment to develop their economy, increase their technology innovations, and enhance the adjustment of their industry structure. Simultaneously, in order to prevent being dominated by foreign capital, developing countries have to regulate the investment procedure of foreign investment enterprises as well.The third section of this paper is an analysis on the dynamic problems government facing when it supervises the foreign investment enterprises. The analysis is done according to the materials reviewed during the research. Then, some of the most significant problems in the dynamic situation of government supervising foreign investment enterprises are further investigated. These problems can be identified as initial phase problems and final phase problems. The initial phase problems: the investment environment is unsatisfactory, the investment direction policy is not perfected, the national treatment question. The late phase problems: the government manages to the project weakly on later stage. The financial problem is serious.The fourth section presents the ideas on how Chinese government should guide, develop, and regulate foreign investment enterprises under the contemporaneous situations. In the contemporaneous situations, considerations should be given from three aspects when deciding the policies of developing and supervising foreign investment enterprises. First of all, the government shouldclarify the objective and guide methods of the policies. The basic thoughts of government supervising foreign...
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