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A Study On Intensified Utilization And Evaluation Of Urban Land

Posted on:2005-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152465578Subject:Administrative Management
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Various construction land is expanded rapidly in the city development because the urbanization process of our country currently enters into a stepped-up development period and Chinese urbanization issue and American high-tech have already become the main two theme influencing 21st century. Our country is with a vast territory but short of useable land resource. And at the same time the mode of economic increase of our country faces the fundamental transition from extensive economy to the intensivism economy. So no matter from the point of view of protecting land resource, city development and rational distribution of urban land, or in terms of optimization of the economic growth mode, the thesis of urban land intensified utilization all seems very important.Urban land utilization is a complicated social systems engineering which each other in many aspects interact. This dissertation will try to incorporate urban land economics, urban land geography and urban land ecology etc. with the research of urban land intensified utilization, expect to probe into the mode of urban land intensified utilization from the point of view of multi-disciplinary, and elicit the approach that urban land can be utilized most effectively. At the same time on the basis of theory analysis, this dissertation adopts the method that quantitative analysis combines with qualitative analysis and demonstration analysis method, and makes this subject research with more practicability.The contents and achievement of this text are mainly several following respects:Analyze and summarize numerous scholars' definitions of connotation about urban land intensified utilization, and put forward this paper's definition of connotation about urban land intensified utilization, namely based on thought of sustainable development, through highly ordinal arrangement of land use and space structure within the range of the city, obtaining the most effective use of the urban land which is harmony of economic benefit, ecological benefit and social benefit, simultaneously fully digging economic supply potential of urban land resource, and making the input-output ratio and utilization efficiency of urban land best.Based on the thought of sustainable development, take urban land economics theory, urban land rent and land-value theory, urban land location theory and ecolomics theory as the theoretical foundation; probe into the mode of urban land intensified utilization from the aspects of space structure, economic model, and dynamic model of urban land intensified utilization; and put forward this text's own opinion about urban land intensified utilization on the aspect of land use structure and economy.From the point of view with ecology, economy and society considered synthetically, put forward the goal, principle and content of integrated evaluation of urban land intensified utilization, and set up the index system and evaluation models of integrated evaluation of urban land intensified utilization.Regarding Chongqing as study example, this dissertation analyzes the characteristic of land utilization of Chongqing at present, and the existing problems at the present time in the land utilization through integrated evaluation of Chongqing's main urban land. At last this dissertation brings forward some suggestions of strengthening land intensified utilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban land, intensified utilization, extensive utilization, integrated evaluation
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