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YG100 Brand Makes A Reservation To Study

Posted on:2005-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152466043Subject:Business Administration
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Chinese real estate undergoes ten or twenty years of development, the change of the market environment impels and develops enterprises to carry out the transition fast from competition of the products to the competition of the brand. It is foundation and soul of competition of the whole brand that the brand makes a reservation. According to corporate culture , development strategy and clear localization to idea of the brand , value , individual character , etc. of goal market, the direction and way in competition of the brand play a guiding and standardizing role. Brand make a reservation and Tolort publish at the magazine call serial prevailing to come article of" make a reservation " in " advertising era " on 1970 by Reis, after 30 the coming years of development , have already formed the preliminary theoretical system , the main tool that has already become the marketing strategy and linked up strategy, key nature its to manage through first-class customer relation, through customer being spiritual to experience with height understanding of material to brand, offer the overall and perfect value of amortizing to goal customer, thus improve customer's loyalty, promote the key competitiveness of enterprises. Because it is later to orient the theory and introduce China, especially there is less one that study , use from real estate , develop enterprises and generally lack the clear and consistent brand tactics and perfect recognition system, set up effective brand manage build up and system , is it is it use various kinds of communication means come in unison going on theability that brands are popularized to combine to possess either. And out of to trade safe guarantee, preserve value value-added expectation to property, consumers are higher and higher to the voice which develop the goods card. Complying with the development trend of the market and trade, the competition between real estate enterprises rises to the brand strength aspect from the products strength aspect, become inevitable. So, the study on brand, especially the research to the thing that the brand makes a reservation, have important theory value and realistic meaning with enterprise to the real estate market. This basic train of thought of thesis is to specially tie theories , such as theory of the brand , value amortizing , customer's relation and Reis and Tolort BPD ,etc. tight as the foundation with the department, orient the theoretical system and use the method to describe a tentative merger to the brand, research range is mainly history , course , tactics , method to make a reservation to make a reservation ,etc, use the methods , such as law of real example , induction ,etc, make a reservation and transmit tentative analysis to YG100 brand, summarize successful and weak point its, is it is it orient theory and between method and further perfection their to use to try hard, and some questions that will meet in studying and work carry on the trying discussion , probe into idea that brand make a reservation and method how real estate industry get valid application under the concrete culture background and market environment terms in Chinese, hope that the researcher interested in the real estate brand has certain reference value. The first part of focal points of this text has introduced the theoretical foundation that the brand makes a reservation. On the basis of the thing that review brand theory development, have explained especially that the brand , real estate brand intension , brand orient the concept , evolution, the theory that the brand makes a reservation and method system,etc; Second part Have analysed the competitive environment of YG100; The third part On the basis of brand developing history of Beijing YG100 group of introduction , have made a reservation and carried on the tentative norm to study to its brand, the fourth partHave carried on the discussion to the experience and question a little in studying and practice.
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