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Schedule Management Of "NC TURRET" New Product Development Project

Posted on:2005-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D W TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152466069Subject:Business Administration
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The purpose of this paper is to attempt to build a new pattern of project management which will match up with the character of the new industrial product development through the deeply structive analysis of the reason for the failure of the past new product development in our stated-owned industrial enterprises. At the same time, in order to demonstrate validity and applicability of the new managemental pattern, we operated the "NC TURRET" project in accordance with the new managemental pattern.First, in terms of the standpoint of the modern marketing management, we re-defined the success criterion of the new industrial product developments: scalizntion and commercialization of the new products. According to this criterion, we generalized the reasons for the failure of the past new products developments into three factors: the one is that new products were badly sold because of high price resulted from the excessive pursuit for good quality and excellent performance; the two is that the best marketing opportunity was misses because the real development was longer than the scheduled; the three is that the normal operation was influenced a lot because of the lack of financial turnover producing by the real ing cost exceeding the planned bedget. To counter these reasons, we try to build a new managemental pattern of newindustrial products development projects with the principle of "balanced attainment of schedule, cost and quality" which reflecting the systematic thought of the project management theory.In order to test this new pattern, we mada an experimental researches about the scale management, schedule management cost management and human-resource management in the "NC TURRET" project.Scale management , as it were, is to define the workframe of developmental projects with " demands from the potential customers" as the stating point and "scalization and commercialization of the new product" as the ending point. By means of WBS breaking-down technique, the workframe should be divided into work units which are related as well as comparatively independent.Schedule formulation is splitted into two stages. The first stage is to make a tentative schedule plan by ways of order arrangement and lasting time estimation of the work units; the second stage is to optimize the tentative schedule in accordiance with the restrictions of time cost and human resource. Only in this condition, can the schedule plan be finalized with the supporting planes as human resource plan and cost budget included.As the supporting measure, human resource management should be attached much importance to in the process of carrying out the schedule plan. So, throughout the "NC TURRET" project, the quality and quantity of working people were guaranteed by setting up of the professional talents bank; the responsibility allocation system and working reporting relationship were established by building of matrix project structure; the enthusiasm of the employments was aroused and kept by effective stimulative methods.In order to make the deviation between the actual project progress and the planned schedule, a project controlling system is neened, which is made up with two parts: project observation and project controlling.The aim of project observation is to master the real progress so as to provide precise information to the managers of the project. As to project controlling, it is to analyze cause and influence to the left schedule plan by means of "Earned Value Method" in the lights of the information provided the project observation, which is followed by the effective deviation-correcting measures.It is according to this new managemental pattern did the "NC Turret" project achieved complete success as expected. At the present day, the new product "NC Turret" has been on the stage of scalized and commercialized production with establishment of "NC Turret" factory, stability of producing technology good working order of the sets of equipment and especially with the increasing orders from domestic and overseas. The economic and social profits are s...
Keywords/Search Tags:NC Terret, new managemental patter of industrial product development project, success criterion, schedule, cost, human resource, project observation and controlling, earned value, WBS breakdown technology
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