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Study On Evaluation And Countermeasures Of Sustainable Farmland Utilization

Posted on:2005-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The characteristics of farmland in our country, utilization status, and the main developmental questions are as follows: the area of dry land and sloping farming are quite ground, the soil heterogeneity is great, the alternative farmland is serious scarcity; quality of farmland is retrograded seriously, structures of utilization is illogicality and scarcity, scientific technology is very low; the quality of farmland is deteriorating, measures safeguarding farmland are deficient, and there is significant contradiction between man and land. Therefore, it is high time to maintain sustainable utilization which is in accordance with our country's farmland.Being on the basis of the sustainable development theory, the study is about sustainable utilization of farmland. Through studying the natural environment economy and society, which is relevant to the utilization of farmland, the sustainable utilization of farmland is being studied. Taking Yiyang city in Hunan province for example, the index system of evaluation on sustainable farmland utilization is constructed. Based on Analytic Hierarchy Progress (AHP), judgment indexes of every hierarchy in the system are made, as a result, the evaluation is display, the method of geometry-average adopting for setting up constitution of evaluation module about Yiyang city's farmland utilization and calculating the sustainable evaluation results of Yiyang city's farmland resources (from 1998 to 2004). Gray System Model(GM,l,l) is used to forecast the changeable circs in sustainable resources of Yiyang city's farmland (from 2005 to 2009). The countermeasures of policy, technical measures, and scientific methods by which the resources of farmland are sustainable utilized is showing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmland, Sustainable utilization, Appraise, Countermeasures, Yiyang city
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