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Study On Keynes' High Consumption Ethics Thoughts

Posted on:2006-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152482861Subject:Foreign philosophy
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The market of China is changing from sellers' market to buyers ' market and getting weak sluggish since 1990s. Someone insisted on discarding the Chinese traditional economical consumption ethics and took Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts as the consumption ethics. In this article, the author thinks that the consumption will have great influence on the development of economy and the comprehensive development of human, each theory has different theoretical precise of implementation, so we must use and imply the essence of Keynes' high consumption ethics on the basis of thorough analysis and the situation of China.In this article, the author believes in the theoretical value and historical meaning of Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts formed in The Big Crisis. Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts have important function for the capitalism countries to step out the crisis and to retrieve after the world war II; it surpassed the "production determination" of the classical economists in the production and consumption aspects, and it also appreciates the reaction of consumption to production; it resists the prophet of reasonable unemployment, and defends for the interest of the working class; it insists on the tax policy which reduces the income tax and increases the direct tax of the rich, and it has active use in maintaining the consumption just and improving the social fair distribution. The author also thinks that the laws that the marginal consumption falling tendency of the former hypothesis of Keynes is impossible; it is superficial that Keynes ascribed the considerable unemployment and economic crisis to the shortage of efficient demands; it is also a short sighted economic strategy to advocate the active improvement of the consumption to production one-sidedly and neglect the negative influence of consumption and the premise of production; it is unconducive for the comprehensive development of human because the relation between the economy and the ethics had been divided in Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts.Finally, the author makes a conclusion that in order to change the development difficulties, we should change the unsustainable consumption model and form the sustainable consumption model, and the author gives out the four dimensions of the sustainableconsumption ethics: taking economy development level as the standard of the sustainable consumption ethics; taking the bearing capacity of the earth as the limit of the sustainable consumption ethics; taking the comprehensive development of human as the goal of the sustainable consumption ethics; taking the fair consumption as the principle of the sustainable consumption ethics.This article is departed into six parts. The first part is the preface; the second part is mainly to trace the origin of the western consumption ethics thoughts; the third part mainly introduces the high consumption ethics thoughts and its background and theoretical basis; The former three parts just organizes the development of consumption ethics and Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts. The fourth part mainly analyses the historical meaning of Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts; the fifth part mainly discusses the historical limitation of Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts; this two parts are the emphasis of the article, in this two parts, the author analyses Keynes' high consumption ethics thoughts very deeply and points out the historical value and theoretical shortage. The last part is the conclusion that we all should have the sustainable consumption ethics mind.
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