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Economic Research On Animal Husbandry In The Grasslands Of Mongolia

Posted on:2006-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152483522Subject:Chinese Minority economy
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In the modern world, with the rapid development of scientific technology and social economy as well as the world economic globalization, the wave of integration is surging forward. Under the impact of market economy, the original collective ownership of the animal husbandry in the grasslands of Mongolia had been gradually disintegrating and entered into a market economy in the 1990s, which was an important transformation of the grassland animal husbandry economy in Mongolia with both critical realistic and historical significance.However, owing to the inherent management style and method of grassland animal husbandry, quite a few nomadic management of traditional Mongolia-style still exist. Grassland animal husbandry remains a main production and life resource of urban and rural people, especially of herders. Besides, it is also a pillar industry of national financial income. Therefore, government of all levels and the national people all concern and actively support grassland animal husbandry. As a result, grassland animal husbandry has developed a lot with total livestock amounting to 33 million. In the recent 10 years, due to adjustment of ownership of productive means, degradation and desertification of grasslands, and the attack of natural disasters including snow storm, frost and drought, the development of grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia has been seriously influenced with the total livestock declining to about 26 million. The production decrease of grassland animal husbandry has brought certain difficulties to the production and life of herders with distinctive aggravation of poverty degrees. To change this phenomenon, the acceleration of research of grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia and the realization of modernization of grassland animal husbandry has not only been put on the agenda but has also become an urgent task.This graduate academic paper surrounds the study of grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia and makes a research from three respects. Firstly, it gives a brief introduction of the categories of animal husbandry and discusses the characteristics of grassland animal husbandry as well as its position and function in the national economy. Secondarily, it analyzes and elaborates the guidelines and policies since the establishment of Mongolia over the past 80 years, and theachievements it has made in grassland construction, water conservancy project construction, breed improvement, prevention and curing of various natural disasters, scientific and technological animal farming and management while vigorously developing grassland animal husbandry economy. In spite of the achievements it has made in grassland animal husbandry economy, many problems also exposes day by day. Among which, grassland degradation, desertification and basification is becoming increasingly serious and the natural ecological environment is deteriorating. All these problems together with the losses caused by various natural disasters are seriously threatening the development of grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia. Thirdly, aiming at the problems existed in grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia, and incorporating the practical conditions of Mongolia and my personal experience, I am putting forward nine proposals after repeated studies and comparisons of the experiences of animal husbandry economy of developed countries in the world, in particular the experiences of grassland animal husbandry economy of such provinces and districts including Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Qinghai of the People' s Republic of China, if they can be cooperated one another and carried our in practice, it will effectively promote the grassland animal husbandry economy of Mongolia to develop towards modernization rapidly.
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