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Industrial Structure Adjustment And Taking Shape Industry's Cluster Of Jilin Province

Posted on:2006-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152486189Subject:Regional Economics
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Jilin Province is the old industrial base, state-owned economy large proportion. Thestructural contradiction is more conspicuous. At present, the structural contradiction hasalready become an outstanding problem of restricting industrial economic development ofJilin Province. As long as the structural contradiction is not solved, revitalizing of the oldindustrial base of Jilin Province is difficult. That industry's cluster theory instructs industrialstructure adjustment of Jilin Province has the meaning of breaking through in theory .Thistext announces the unreasonable contradiction through analyzing to the development courseand characteristic of the industrial structure of Jilin Province. In order to make thecontradiction being solved, we must carry on industrial structure adjustment, and how toadjust becomes the key problem? On the basis of theoretical research, this text aims atproposing that industrial structure adjustment relies on the route of taking the industry'scluster development path, so as to accelerate the adjustment and optimization and upgradingof the industrial structure. The full text is made up of five parts altogether besides forward. Chapter one analyses the industrial structure evolution of Jilin Province and formed thecharacteristic mainly. And draws the conclusion that industrial structure of Jilin Province isunreasonable. Chapter two analyses the relation of industrial structure adjustment andindustry's cluster. Chapter three analyses the main factors of restraining to form industry'scluster in Jilin Province. Chapter four puts forward corresponding countermeasure andsuggestion on forming and developing industry's cluster Jilin Province. The article draws the final conclusion in the end. To revitalize the old industrial base ofJilin Province, we must carry on industrial structure adjustment. And the effective way ofindustrial structure adjustment is to walk the industry's cluster development path.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial structure adjustment, Structural contradiction, Industry's cluster, The factor of restricting
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