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Study Of The Operation Mechanism Of The Venture Capital And The Investment Of The Container Port

Posted on:2006-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152488778Subject:Transportation planning and management
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The venture capital is a special commercial behavior of investing and financing, which refers to a venture capital organization's collecting venture capital from investors by certain ways, investing it in a venture enterprise with the enterprising spirit, attending to the business management of the enterprise and providing services to increase in value. The Venture Capital is an innovational tool of financing which takes fully use of the resources such as fund, technology and management as well as a way of the capital operation with the characteristics of transferring risks and increasing the efficiency of the capital operation. It is of great significance to make studies on the venture capital, especially on its aspect of being the key mode of capital allocation, and to analyze its influence on the investing and financing structural reform.The paper argues that the Venture Capital is a special means of financing and investing and divides the mechanism of the operation of venture capital into three Parts, e.g. financing mechanism, investing mechanism and withdrawal mechanism. Finally, according to the research results from more than thirty venture capital companies and from the Points of the Present institution framework, law status and the development of the capital market, it Puts forward original views on the main channel, the formation and perfection of withdraw mechanism in China,and the financing mechanism in container ports in China.Original views of the paper: In organizational forms of the venture capital, the paper puts forward advice and suggestions that the development of organizational forms of the venture capital in China should be divided into Phases, argues that the limited tied up corporate is the ideal and advanced form and asserts that China should ultimately establish the institutions of the venture capital with the limited tied up corporate as their core.In investing mechanism, different from qualitative and case studies, the paper, from the general theories and combining the present situation in the Venture capital, deduces logically the special system of experts, decision-making of the venture capital enterprises. Inwithdrawal mechanism, the paper argues that in order to establish Chinese withdrawal mechanism of the venture capital , we should not only take in the rational parts from the overseas mature mechanism of withdrawal of the venture capital, but also should be from the points of the present institution framework, law status and the development of the capital market to Point out that we should perfect the main framework and establish the mechanism with M&A as its main channel and with the second board market, the deal of buying-back venture enterprises and the bankrupt clearance as its supplementary forms.
Keywords/Search Tags:The operation mechanism of the venture capital, The financing mechanism, Organizational forms, Mechanism of withdrawal, Container Port
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