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The Analysis Of The Inherent Contradiction In Integration System Between Chinese Government-Society In Transformation Period

Posted on:2006-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152495949Subject:Political Theory
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The relation of Country and society issue is a new problem from days of old, such classic authors as Marx ,Engles,etc.,and a lot of western scholars have had a large amount of argumentation on this. About the research of the relationships between country and social, involve numerous disciplines , for instance, philosophy , political science, economics, law science, sociology and cultural anthropology ,etc.In recent years, roughly there are two respects in the research about the country and social relationships in the educational circles. On one hand ,a lot of scholar introduce western citizen concept of society to explain and study the China problem coming, and have put forward the idea of building and constructing citizen socity independent of country in China. On the other hand, the research about China's social structure changing and the study of government and social relationships' changing are only a visual angle among them . The researches in this respect are very essential too.This article analyses from three parts. In the first part, I have made an introduction to the general theory of the integration and the integration system.By introducing the theory of western government and social relationships, I have analysed the changes of relationships between Chinese Government and socity, before the reform and our opening-up. The government is a all-round government, playing the function of the overall arrangement in politics , economy , life etc., under the government one merger mechanism, society are coincident with government; With the deepening of reform and opening-up and setting-up of socialist market economy, social member is breaking away from original organized system gradually, and the development of social forces have managed to make function in some fileds, regarded as an important factor. But the reason of the theory can not bring real reason , in reality, we have seen the unrational operation of the integration, concentrateing on being shown as a series of contradiction. In the second part, I have concentrated on analysing several kinds of inherent contradictions, it is organizational contradiction which is the main contradiction, interests contradiction , authoritative contradiction , system contradiction , function contradiction , cultural contradiction are the basic contradictions. In the third part I make an introduction to the contract and the theory of contracting ,then I have analysedabout building and constructing the contacting integration system that market economy needs.The creation of this article lies in three sides.Firstly,the integration is understood as an activity.Secondly, the relation of Chinese Government and the society in transformation period is analysed from the inherent contradiction of integration system. Thirdly,I thought the organizational contradiction as the main contradiction.The weak point of this article lies in two sides. It is not deep enough to analyse the inherent contradiction of the integration system,, how to combine the new integration system with the traditional integration system has not been involved yet.
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