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Influence Of Twentieth National Congress Of Communist Party Of The Soviet Union On Mao Zedong's Exploration Of China's Socialist Construction Path

Posted on:2006-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152497897Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The year of 1956 was in extremely important position in the historical coordinates of the development of the world and China. In this year, China basically completed socialist transformation of the private ownership of the means of production and established the socialist system. The year of 1956 was also an important year in the history of international communist movement. The Twentieth National Congress of Communist Party of the Soviet Union (TNCCPSU) convened in February greatly produced a strong international repercussion. On the one hand, it was an ideological liberation movement of international communist movement, from then on, various socialist countries started to explore the socialist construction path which would suit their country's national condition. It was precisely under such background that Mao Zedong, under the direction of "learning from the Soviet Union", carried on the bold exploration in the fields of politics, economy and thought culture, and has yielded the substantial result. On the other hand, TNCCPSU also greatly made the international communist movement ideologically confused, the western nations also seized the chance to raise counter- Soviet, counter-communist and counter- socialism current. Some socialist countries in the Eastern Europe, despite their country's national condition , blindly copied the Soviet Model, which initiated the political and economic crisis and caused the occurrence of the Polish event and the Hungarian event . It was under the influence of TNCCPSU and its serious consequence -----the Hungary event and Polish event that Mao Zedong started to change the exploration direction of the socialist construction path, finally causing Mao Zedong to make the wrong judgement for the Chinese domestic situation, enabling " rectification in1957 " to have the element of surprise and blindness and very quickly changes the counter-right magnification; that Mao Zedong changed from reforming the Soviet Model to maintaining the Soviet Model, violating the 'left' deviation of opposing and guarding against revisionism; that caused Mao Zedong to transform from opposing the personality cult into appreciating the personality cult, making our Party's democratic centralism and the collective leadership principle destructed. This article anglicized our Party's exploration of socialist path in 1950s with the point of TNCCPSU and the view angle of the influence of TNCCPSU on Mao Zedong's exploration of socialist path, aiming at summing up the experience and the lesson and rendering lessons for our country's reform and open policy and the socialism modernization.
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