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Research On Investment Management Of Nongovernmental Enterprises In China

Posted on:2005-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 26 years of reforming and opening up to the world, the nongovernmental enterprise of our country has already become a share of sharp economic forces that can't block , playing an more and more important role in country's economic life. Now, the nongovernmental enterprise has already become important strength that our country has built the well-to-do society in an all-round way. But the development of the nongovernmental enterprise of our country is not plain sailing, an important characteristic among them is short-lived, it is difficult to grow up! The main reason that a large number of nongovernmental enterprises die young lies in lacking scientific investment management. Some nongovernmental entrepreneurs often decide projects optionally and subjectively, which often result to the abortion of project decision-making finally.The paper begins with the problem of nongovernmental enterprise' decision-making, introduces the selecting of investment project, the making certain of investment size, the appraising of investment benefit and the measuring of investment risk. This text combines the characteristic of the nongovernmental enterprise on the basis of already having decision theory of investment and method, summing up and summary that carried on, had analysed and recommended several kinds to suit investment decision method of nongovernmental enterprise, and has introduced the front theory of the investment decision. The purpose that the article studies is to offer the theoretical foundation for investment decision of nongovernmental enterprise, the decision of enabling them to be scientific, thus reduce the possibility of investing failing.Chapter 1 of thesis is the foreword; Chapter 2 has carried on the summary to current situation of the development and existing problem of management of investment of the nongovernmental enterprise; Chapter 3 introduced the traditional theory of the investment decision and front theory; Chapter 4 introduced how nongovernmental enterprise to confirm scale of investment; Chapter 5 introduces the discount method and the non-discount method during the course of nongovernmental enterprise selecting the investment project, and introduces how to choose the discount rate; Chapter 6 introduced some indexes of appraising project benefit; Chapter 7 put forward several kinds of methods to estimate investment risk; The last chapter is a conclusion.The nongovernmental enterprise will not survive and develop without scientific investment management. So long as the nongovernmental enterprise is good at studying, grasp the scientific investment management procedure, they can unquestionably go out of the lost game, move towards the longevity! Move to maturity! It is brilliant to move towards!...
Keywords/Search Tags:Nongovernmental enterprise, Investment decision-making, Investment project, Investment benefit, Investment risk
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