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An Analysis And Research On Credit Risks Management Of Chengdu Branch Of GH State-owned Commercial Bank In China

Posted on:2005-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152965897Subject:Business Administration
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Asian Financial Crisis broke out in 1997 is the most harmful worldwide crisis after 1980s. Although China hasn't broken out serious financial crisis, in fact there is the high ratio of bad credits in State-owned Commercial Bank in China. At recent stage, credits benefit is still a major source of commercial banks in China, and it is a core business within the banking system. Thus the accompanying credits risk is one of the major risks facing the banks.Under such background, by analyzing the Credits risk management situation of Chengdu Branch of GH State-owned Commercial Bank in China and with the combination of personal working experience, improvement measures are put forward by the author as operation flow optimization and system construction within the bank.The frame of the essay consists of four chapters. In the first chapter a general situation of the bank is introduced, and by analyzing the internal and external environment of the credits business, the essentiality and importance of credits risk control is introduced. In the second chapter, the concept of banking credits risk ,the theoretical causes of its generation, different types risks and general corresponding countermeasures are set forth. The third chapter is the core of this essay. From a practical angle and with a clue of cases, the credits flow of the bank is analyzed in detail, the existing problems at three stages in the flow are brought into light, and improvement measures of different stages are suggested from the angle of optimizing the flow. In fourth chapter, from the angle of the construction of credits management system, to perfect credits organizational structure, to strengthen staff improvement, to sound rewarding system, to create an excellent credits culture and to perfect inspection and examining system are suggested in order to prevent and control credits risk to its minimum.
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