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The Analyzed Research Of DongChuan Agricultural Resource And Industrial Structure Adjustment

Posted on:2006-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Dongchuan area is a national-level poor county, located in northeastern Yunnan province. There are some serious ecological environment problems such as soil and water erosion, land desertification, debris flow and so on. Because of inconvenient communications and the lack of information, it has extensive poverty areas. Additionally, the large elevation difference makes the obvious vertical climatic zones including subtropical zone, temperate zone and cold zone, which forms the diversification of agriculture and supplies enough space and time for selecting the industry with comparative advantage in the process of agricultural structure adjustment. But it also restricts the scale of commodity output. Based upon the effect theory of resource: comparative advantage-Government: structure adjustment, This paper, puts forward the one-two-three-four-one adjustment ideas, by using systematic analysis, comparative analysis and empirical analysis, namely, including a aim of increasing farmer's income, exploiting two resources of thermal region and wildlife, opening three markets of international, national and provincial markets, emphasizing four breakthrough of grape, yam, export processing potato and enclosed raising animal in high mountains and constructing the harmonious recycling model for Dongchuan's agricultural structure adjustment. The proposed adjustment ideas are helpful to promote the agricultural industrial structure in Dongchuan area and increase agricultural productivity and farmer's income.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dongchuan area, agricultural resource, Industrial structure adjustment, empirical analysis
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