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Research On The Problem Of Agriculture Surplus Labor Transfer In China

Posted on:2006-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is a big agricultural country. There is a great deal of agriculture surplus labor in China, for the supply of agriculture labor is quite over the amount that can be utilized effectively by agriculture. If these surplus labors can't be transferred from agriculture to other industries, the development of rural economy will be seriously embarrassed, so do the course of industrialization and modernization. Therefore, for keeping economic development persistent and healthy in our country, it is very significative to transfer these surplus labors to other industries as soon as possible. Owing to various reasons, the process of agriculture surplus labor transfer is not quite favoring since the People's Republic of China come into existence. And the research to agriculture surplus labor transfer in China is still in the elementary stage on the whole, although having acquired some general achievement. It is obvious that the problem of agriculture surplus labor transfer in China has great significance in both theory and practice. This paper tries to do some research in this field, and it consists of five chapters. In the first chapter, we first redefine the conception of agriculture surplus labor. Then, apply a new method to estimate the amount of it from 1978 in China. In the second chapter, we amply review the researches of the agriculture surplus labor transfer in both western country and China. Then we establish an agriculture surplus labor transfer model in the basis of existing models to accord with the situation of our country. In the third chapter, we apply the transfer model established in previous chapter to analyze the influential factors of the agriculture surplus labor transfer in China. In the fourth chapter, we review the influences of agriculture surplus labor transfer to various aspects of economy and society through different points of view. In the fifth chapter, we summarize the basic research conclusions in this paper. Then we appraise several patterns of agriculture surplus labor transfer, and put forward some corresponding advices. The research makes it clear that there is a great deal of agriculture surplus labor in China, and transfer those labors to non-agriculture industry will greatly accelerate our country's economic development. The agriculture surplus labor transfer in China, however, is influenced by various factors. Expediting the transfer process is an systematic project. Therefore, to roundly promote the development of rural economics and the whole national economics, it is quite necessary to establish clear effective measures to impel the process of agriculture surplus labor transfer.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agriculture Surplus Labor, Transfer Model, Influential Factor, Transfer Influence, Transfer Pattern
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