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Research On Some Key Problems For Development And Management Of Water Using Association

Posted on:2006-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152992184Subject:Agricultural Engineering
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WUA (Water Using Association) is one of the irrigation management models of PIM (Participatory Irrigation Management) , which has been introduced and popularized by making experiments in our country since early years of 1990s. The paper, aiming at the problems appeared from construction and operation of WUA, studies on theories and practices which is in order to control the construction and operation of the WUA and explore a model of WUA with Chinese characteristics and make this irrigation management model popularized widely. The main contents of the paper include: establishment of WUA, management organization and operation of WUA, water price business accounting and determination of WUA, property and water right of WUA. The model of WUA is suggested throughout research which is organized and guided by management organization and is attended voluntarily by the fanners in irrigation area. The costs and expenses function, beneficial result and benefit function of WUA are set up. By the methods of running cost and benefit analysis, the rational scale and definitive methods are put forward. Referring to the business management system in modern times and combining to the character of social organization, the operation and management model of WUA is decided. By the rank order, ranges of management and the analysis of different forms of organization structure mode, the operation management organization setting of WUA is put forward. According to the characters of WUA, the methods of water supply cost calculation and water price decision are put forward. Using property rights theory, the property and its transfer of WUA is analyzed. On the basis of water rights theories and systems, the conception of the water right of irrigation area WUA and the method to determine the quantity of water right are advanced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water Using Association, Irrigation management, Reasonable scale, Management organization, Water right of Water Using Association
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