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Optimal Allocation Between Land Resources And Residence Environment In Footbill And Mountains Regions In The Course

Posted on:2006-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152996063Subject:Soil science
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Resent years, the continuance and speediness tendency of civil-economic development put forward some new requirement to the city. But the grade of urbanization is still in a shallow level. So urbanization will be the tide in a not short period in future. Though urbanization can be seasoned with the development of civil-economic and play an important role, it also brings matters, such as the man-land contradiction and the deterioration of residence environment. The strong requirement of urbanization reduced much high quality cultivated land. Those new inning land cannot be compared with the lost no matter from the quality or the quantity. Bother on land now become the main protest movement of the farmer. At the same time, the mess urbanization destroyed the style of many cities, which cannot be tolerated by those citizens.It is worth considering how to put forward the urbanization in china, a hilly and mountains country. In this paper, the foothill and mountains regions of Zhejiang province were studied. Two quality evaluation index systems of agricultural environment and residential environment in foothill and mountains regions were designed. Based on the systems, the paper gave a double-evaluation for both agricultural and residential environment aspects. Abided by the principle of "select better" and "farm first", the land resource was allocated. It can achieve the both win goal in the process of urbanization, that is, "protecting high quality cultivated land and beautifying residential environment". On basis of double-evaluation, under the support of GIS Based on that, "Information System for Optimal Allocation of Land Resources in Hilly and mountains Regions (ISOALRHR)" was built. Three towns were selected for a test. Xindeng town, a typical town in foothill, Chengguan town in Xianju county, a typical town in mountains region as well as Chengguan town in tiantai country were the model towns. The satisfying result was combined with the research of the famous town in foothill and mountains regions. After integrate analysis, the optimal allocation model was set up. Main contents of the study are: Based on the agricultural environment condition for the growth of paddy, 19 steady characters in geography and physics aspects of the land that can be measured were selected as evaluation factors. The land quality evaluation index system for agricultural environment was pointed out and be tested.Based on traditional architecture, the ancients' experience in residence place selecting was combined with the knowledge of modern times geography, landscape architecture, ecology, psychology and aesthetics. 70 characters were selected in designing the land quality evaluation index system for residential environment. And the system was tested. A case study in Xindeng town, Fuyang city, double-evaluation was made out. On the direct of "select better" and "farm first" theory, land resources were allocated rationally and the contradiction between land protecting and city building was solved there. On the basis of land quality evaluation ,The ISOAIRHR was developed on MapInfo 5.0, Microsoft Visual C++6.0 and MapX4.5. It have main function of GIS, especially it can accomplish land quality evaluation for both agricultural and residential environment evaluation and offer their zonation. Tests were actualized in Xindeng, Chengguan towns in Xianju and Tiantai counties, which are the delegate towns in foothill and mountains regions. The result was satisfying. So it provides a technical mean to make the land using in county (or town) grade scientific for similar region. The quantitative evaluation result of the typical towns was combined with the research of the famous town in foothill and mountains regions in Zhejiang province. The fruit of soil overall investigate and land particular investigate were used in integrate analysis on the relation between land type and the environment, In conclusion, the optimal allocation model was set up.Some new ideas of this study are: Based on the agricultural environment condition for the growth of paddy, t...
Keywords/Search Tags:foothill and mountains Land resources, Agricultural environment, Residential environment, Double-evaluation, Optimal allocation, Information system
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