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The Study On Coupling Relationship Of Ecology

Posted on:2006-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360155450558Subject:Physical geography
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Systematic coupling study, a key content in regional ecological economy, is animportant means of analyzing the evolvement of system formation and a hot point inthe ecological economy study. Through this study, it helps understandecology-economy system correctly and explore its regulations. Particularly in karstareas with a very fragile environment, systematic coupling study can reintegrate thefactors in the system, and enlarge the ecological limit value to make the system moreactive with a larger buffer capacity for a positive coupling of ecology-economysystem. On the basis of the theories of ecological economics and systematic coupling,this paper, with Wudang District as the studying area and by the means of statisticsanalysis, principal component analysis and coupling model, carries out a dynamicanalysis on the actual coupling relationship of the ecology-economy system from theyear 1999 to the year 2003. The results suggest that in this period the system hadundergone the change of "negative coupling - positive coupling - negative coupling".In 1999, by comparison of the pressure and the carrying capacity, the system was stillin balance, but under the pressure the malignant feedback of ecological system hadmade the coupling relationship of the whole system out of balance and the positivefeedback of economic system could not change the state of the whole system. Fromthe year 2000 to the year 2001, the coupling relationship of the whole system was inbalance and the whole system was in a good cycle. But from the year 2002 to the year2003, because of the lower ecological support ability of the whole system and thehigher population pressure, the pressure of population and economic activities hadalready exceeded the carrying capacity of the whole system, and the malignantfeedback of the ecological system was obvious. So the coupling relationship of thewhole system was out of balance and the ecological system and economic system layin a vicious cycle. Through the analyses as above, this paper thinks that fragile karsteco-environment, tense human-land relationship, unreasonable industrial structure,resource over-consumption and serious environment pollution cause the changes ofthe system. On the basis of the analysis, the paper gives some advice to make thesystem in the positive coupling. They are as follows: (1) strictly controlling theincreasing population and improving population quality, and (2) adjusting theindustrial structure strongly and increasing industrial levels, and (3) developingactively circulating economy and lifting using efficiency of resources, and (4)strengthening pollution treatment, ecological protection and construction, and (5)enhancing the education about ecological consciousness and guiding production andconsumption behaviors correctly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ecology, Economy, Systematic Coupling, Wudang District
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