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On The Study Of Certified Public Accountants' Civil Liability To The Third Party

Posted on:2011-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Certified Public Accountant is known as the "watchdog" in the West, and is called "economic police" in china. They have been given the monopoly position by government to audit public financial information, they have been praised by public for their serious work, also been criticized for their fault. When CPA issued an untruthful audit report, they were assumed liability to third-party, and stand the loss. But there is a sustaining argument about the range of third-party, and the accountability of CPA. Scholars of Common Law System analyzed these problems from all aspects, Contract law, securities law, tort law, etc. Since CPA system restored in our country in 1980, the profession has gone through the similar process. Our law belongs to civil law system traditionally, articles of law are nonrepresentational, public do not understand the accounting professional, so our research about civil liability of CPA can divide into two parts: research of accountant and research of legal scholar. Some scholars try to Integration these two professional, and got some achievement. But more scholars research in their own field.The article Draw on previous achievement, make attempts to analyze civil liability of CPA to third-party in a new perspective: the authenticity of audit report. Article is divided into four parts: Chapter 1 is summarize of civil liability of CPA to third-party, Chapter II introduce the authenticity of audit report. Chapter III analyzes factors which influences the authenticity of audit report. Chapter IV submits detailed opinions on"how to increase the authenticity of audit report". Including: 1. Developing local accounting firm;2. Improving self-regulation and increasing Market Discipline; 3. perfect the prudential regulation mode of CPA; 4. urging providers of Accounting information supply accounting information with high quality.Innovations of this thesis are exposit legal liability of CPA in legal thinking, and research rationality of legal liability in visual angle of accountant. The range of CPA's legal liability is enormous, so I picked one point—the authenticity of audit report. Knowledge depends on social practice; the writer is insufficient in social practice, so error in thesis is unavoidable, hoping readers give a voice to the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:CPA, third-party, civil liability, the authenticity of audit report
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