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Looks At The Phenomenon Of "jailhousebully" For Administer Reformation Of Detensionhouse

Posted on:2011-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332463920Subject:Criminal Law
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In recent years, the non-normal frequency of death is arises in the prison system."Jailhouse bully"rampant in the detention center, the judiciary has been subject in custody problems. Criminal suspects, defendants were detained in detention centers,on the one hand, it can guarantee the smooth progress of criminal proceedings for criminal activities necessary; on the other hand, it impact to the personal freedom of citizens inevitably. Whether the management system of detention center is science and justice, not only directly affect the entire system of implementation of coercive measures, but also impact to each of criminal suspects and the accused, even to protect the freedom right of every citizen.However, in practice, the functions of our country's detention center is unclear, the public security authorities also stressed that an efficient integration of the investigation and detention, the loss of position within the safety supervision; monitoring mechanism loopholes in the Procuratorate Procurator is insufficient; rights protection system not perfect, regulators regulatory philosophy behind low detainees the right to remedies. For this reason, need to promote the detention center neutral, clear the functions; in safety supervision, clear responsibilities, need to take effective measures to strengthen the focus on monitoring, to further standardize law enforcement; in supervision, need to coexistence of a variety of monitoring, supervision up dead; in rights protection, the update control ideas, and improve protection of the rights and remedies. Therefore, research to the management system of detention center, to build a management system ,it is scientific, reasonable and in line with China' s national conditions, not only can promote rationalization and specialization the entire detention system, they can really restrain the"Jailhouse bully"the occurrence of phenomenon, protect the rights of Criminal suspects , improve the efficiency of criminal activity.
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