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Research On Integration Of Urban And Rural Minimum Standard Of Living In Jiangxi Province

Posted on:2011-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332466437Subject:Social security
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The building of Jiangxi City and countryside lowest social security system is not only related to people's basic Survival security, social harmony and stability, but also promotes the concrete embodiment of modern civilization. The Urban-rural integration that can strengthen the Subsistence allowances system and achieve to the minimum living was meaningful to many thing in Jiangxi Province. For instance, it can play the system security function in better way, promote the construction of Ecological Economic Zone of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province, and carry catch-up in central China. It summarizes as follows:PartⅠ:Introduction. This study describes the background and significance, the situation on Lowest social security system at home and abroad, and states the idea of this research, research methods, and innovations and shortcomings of it.PartⅡ:The minimum living security system is the core of social assistance. Social assistance system embodies the concept of social justice and equality. In this paper, The theory of social assistance and welfare economics analysis of the theory, which lead to the necessity of building integration of urban and rural minimum living security system in Jiangxi.PartⅢ:Firstly, it presents the status of implementation of urban and rural minimum living insurance, specifically describes the system construction and the difference in Jiangxi province. At last, it concludes urban and rural minimum living security system and the basic practices of the general situation in Jiangxi.PartⅣ:It deficits the urban-rural integration and the meaning of integration of urban and rural low system and it concludes the experience of urban and rural minimum living insurance at home and abroad, and we can put foreign construction of the minimum living standard security system integration of urban and rural in practice. The first, the integration of urban and rural low social assistance system is the necessity of our nation's development; The second, the standard of Poverty Line should be scientific and reasonable, which must be correspond with the local economic development; The third, a integrity legal system is the fundament of system standardization; The fourth, the government is the primary responsibility for achieving the political integration of urban and rural low protection.PartⅤ:The integration of urban and rural low design of Jiangxi Province and implementation of the system path. By 2015, The system design path of urban and rural low system integration of Jiangxi Province is:integration of urban and rural areas→urban and rural composition→basic unified. It will take 2-3 years in completing with the urban and rural low system, developing and implementing to meet the situation of the social assistance regulations in Jiangxi Province, protecting the basic living standards of poor people to form a difference unity, which is the main task of the first step; The second step, the progressive realization of 2-3 years for urban and rural low system integration Jiangxi. Mainly reflected in the following areas, urban and rural low coverage of all villages and towns of the cities and counties to eliminate the gap between urban and rural areas, between urban and rural areas gradually rescue standards, targets, treatment, uniform way, and gradually increase the level of assistance to realize the family households and subsistence allowances guaranteeing the edge of the new rural cooperative medical care, education and other diverse social relief system, the minimum living standard security system into a comprehensive urban and rural social relief system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban and Rural Minimum Living Standard, Integration, System design, Implementation, path
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